visual studio 2012 win7 allegro 5 can only see my display on minimize window

hi i'm new on allegro 5 i'm just trying to run the first exemples but i have this problem. this might be the visual studio 2012 and not the allegro.

I ran my code and everything works but it only display the console command The graphics only show on the minimize window, i can only see it on that window. i found some one with the same problem that me on google.

i'm using his print screen but i have the same problem

i can only see my program on that little window.

l j

Try manually setting your window position.

Might be an allegro bug spawning your window off-screen.


thx it worked. so it's something with allegro ??? my code is the one from the wiki .

just put it manually and it will work correct ?

p.s. - first time i ask help on a forum and i get a quick correct aswer :P thx a lot bro i'm gona ask more in the future let me just learn more about the api :P.

l j

Never ran into this issue myself, it only seems to happen on some hardware configurations.

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