Bug in 5.1.x al_set_standard_file_interface

I think this is a bug...

the physfs version calls:

void al_set_physfs_file_interface(void)

Which leadds to setting the actual interface:

void _al_set_physfs_fs_interface(void)

But, setting the standard one only sets new interface:

/* Function: al_set_standard_file_interface
void al_set_standard_file_interface(void)

For whatever reason, when I trace everything, the fs_interface is never set when calling al_set_standard_fs_interface.

Peter Wang

I consider this a bug in the PhysFS addon.


I'm not sure how it is all supposed to function but, the function to get the current filesystem interface resurns fs_interface and not new_fs_interface. I'm not quite sure what new_fs_interface is used for. I noticed that when setting the physfs one, it sets both new_fs_interface and fs_interface variables of the tls object while calling set standard file interface only sets new_fs_interface. That is what lead me to believe standard file interface was incorrect, but it could be PhysFS that should only be setting the new interface variable.

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