Use real path instead of archive path (PhysFS)

I've run into a small issue.

I use PhysFS as the file interface to load all my data and so forth.

However, now I have a file that I need to read and write to on the hard drive. I also have a directory to make on the user path.

However, it appears that PhysFS has control and trying to make a directory in c:/users/.... is failing because PhysFS is looking for it in my archive (I think).

How can I get normal paths and virtual paths to work together?

Thomas Fjellstrom

can't you mount the system fs on its own virtual mount in physfs?


I'm not sure what the syntax should be.

I tried:

PHYSFS_addToSearchPath("/", 1)


setting the interface is not working.

ALLEGRO_PATH* path = al_get_standard_path(ALLEGRO_USER_DATA_PATH);
    std::string pathStr;
    pathStr += al_path_cstr(path,ALLEGRO_NATIVE_PATH_SEP);
    bool made = al_make_directory(pathStr.c_str());
    int eno = al_get_errno();
    m_settingsPath = pathStr;

make directory is failing and when I check with the debugger, the make directory receives a vtable for physfs.


Try al_set_standard_fs_interface. Don't ask why they are separate things.


Oh, thanks. I had not even realized that there were 2 functions.

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