How do I create a 1D Texture using Allegro?

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here at the forums. I am troubled with this one and can't find a solution, neither in the forums nor google.

I am trying to create a 1D bitmap ( al_create_bitmap(x,1) ) but when trying to bind it to GL_TEXTURE_1D target glGetError returns error flag GL_INVALID_OPERATION.

Just by doing the following will trigger the error:

1glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_1D); 2ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bmp = al_create_bitmap(4,1); 3GLuint texname = al_get_opengl_texture(bmp); 4glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_1D, texname); 5printf("%d\n", glGetError());//outputs "1282" (GL_INVALID_OPERATION) 6glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_1D);

I was able to create a 1D texture using glGenTexture function but I can't or don't know how to use allegro drawing functions with this texture and not an ALLEGRO_BITMAP.

Is there any other way to accomplish a 1D "ALLEGRO_BITMAP"?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kris Asick

I doubt there's a way to make OpenGL 1D textures work with ALLEGRO_BITMAP objects for the simple fact that the entire bitmap handling system in Allegro relies on there being two texture axises, an X and Y. :P

I could be wrong about that... but there may be a better solution to what you're trying to do than using 1D textures. Perhaps you could tell us why you want to use them and we could suggest an alternate approach?


Ok, basically what I am doing right now is using a 1D Texture as a HeightMap Texture for a 2D object (terrain, water, lava, etc.) and, using a vertex shader, the position of the vertices at the top are modified based on this 1D Texture.

I have it working right now with a 1D Texture but anytime I want to change the heightMap I have to use glTexImage1D and glTexSubImage1D while for the other Bitmaps I am using allegro functions.

It is Not Crucial for me to find this solution since I got it working as I've explained above but I was just wondering if there was another way or if there was some state I had to establish before al_create_bitmap to accomplish a 1D Texture. It feels kind of awkward accessing all textures from their respective ALLEGRO_BITMAP using al_get_opengl_texture(bmp) but not being able to follow the same habit for these 1D Textures.

But what you are saying makes sense but I don't have that much experience with allegro 5, so here is another question:

What it is the performance advantage using a 1D Texture over using a 2D Texture with size (2^x, 1)?

Kris Asick

What it is the performance advantage using a 1D Texture over using a 2D Texture with size (2^x, 1)?

Virtually none. :P

I thought about the varying situations related to what you seem to be attempting and I couldn't think of a better approach really. I can think of several different approaches, but performance-wise, they're about the same, so you might as well just stick with what works. ;)

With my own current project, since I started it before A5 added fragment shader support, I had to force my program to use OpenGL so I could easily add in GLSL code to perform a full-screen glow effect. One of the good things about A5 is that it makes it easy to manually do things A5 itself can't if you have to. 8-)


Thanks for your help Kris! I think I will stay with what works then... ;D

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