Getting a bit of a problem with drawing a bitmap

Hey guys;
I as a huge pleb, have a pleblem.
I have been admiring and dabbing here and there in the Allegro API and been having a lot of fun.
Sadly, I have come across a small... Pleblem. :(
I'm getting this error (attatchment: pleblem.png)
it compiles fine, and executes but as soon as it executes it gives the problem.
the jist of the code is

1 2#include <allegro5\allegro5.h> 3#include <allegro5\allegro_native_dialog.h> 4#include <allegro5\allegro_image.h> 5int main(){ 6//bla bla bla stuff being done 7 8al_init_image_addon(); 9ALLEGRO_BITMAP *player = al_load_bitmap( "spr1.png" ); 10//more plebeian crap being done 11al_draw_bitmap(player,200,300,0); 12al_rest(10); 13al_destroy_bitmap(player); 14//The rest of the crap being killed 15return 0; 16 17}

was there an update that broke/changed something, could someone please point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance guys!

Matthew Leverton

If you were to chase down the error, you'd see it lead you here:

137/* Function: al_draw_tinted_bitmap 138 */ 139void al_draw_tinted_bitmap(ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bitmap, ALLEGRO_COLOR tint, 140 float dx, float dy, int flags) 141{
142 ASSERT(bitmap);
143 al_draw_tinted_bitmap_region(bitmap, tint, 0, 0, 144 bitmap->w, bitmap->h, dx, dy, flags); 145}

Your bitmap is null. The solution is somewhere in this article, probably the bit about accessing the file from the properly qualified path.


Oh wow thankyou!
Thankyou so much man!
Turns out I had to put the full directory in, all the way from C:\
Anyway thanks man, I really appreciate this!

Matthew Leverton
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