Agui 0.2 Released With Demo


It has been over 2 years since I released Agui 0.1. Since then, hundreds of changes have been made in the SVN.

For changes, check the Google Code source page.

I had a little bit of time and decided to formally release Agui 0.2.

With this, I also have added a demo. It is a 5 function calculator. It showcases textured Widgets using my own textures. It also showcases several concepts that I have discussed on the forums such as subclassing widgets, and using a gui factory to instantiate them.

Hopefully it will help answer a few questions and help people out. As always I'm happy to answer Agui-related questions here at when I have time.

The source zip can be obtained here:

The documentation:

And the Win32 binary for the new demo:

Mandatory screenshot:

Enjoy :)

Trent Gamblin

Nice. I'm always updating my GUI as well, though it remains centered around my own needs. I recently added easy keyboard and gamepad navigation for everything so it's good to go on gamepad-only systems.

Edgar Reynaldo

Cool. I'll try it out as soon as I have some free time again.

Matthew Leverton

GUI demo worked fine on WINE.

Karadoc ~~

Thanks for the update.

I've been working on some of my own GUI widgets recently, and it has made me more fully appreciate the quality of your Agui 0.1. This is the best GUI API for Allegro that I know of.

Edgar Reynaldo

Your calc example has a nice clean look to it. Looks shiny. :D

I'll check out the docs later.


Yeah, I decided to use some of the textures I made for my game.

As for the documentation, I hope you won't be disappointed but it's just updated doxygen generated html and MAN. I have not had time for other docs. But every function is documented at least.

Edgar Reynaldo

So are those nine patch buttons?

Your docs exist. That makes them much more useful than my non-existent ones. :P I think I may use doxygen after all.


Yes, the textfield, frame, and buttons and tooltip are all using ninepatch. I love scalable graphics.


Thanks for continuing to update this. Despite some of my criticisms, it is a very good library. I am currently using a very old version but will update when I get the time. Sadly my game coding time seems to be somewhat limited these days.



If I was to restart now, there are certainly a few changes I would make. Like signal slot and a mechanism for parents to receive child events without hooks. But I had only been programming for a year and a half and in c++ for only 6 months when I started on Agui so there were a few things I didn't know. :)

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