Hide window on start
Kamil Biały

Hi :)

How to hide a application window ( not console ) on start (this created by al_create_display), and then show it.
It is possible by allegro?

Edgar Reynaldo

HWND mywnd = al_get_win_window_handle(display);


Kamil Biały

Ok, windows... but linux?

Or eventually minimize window...


You may try to initialize the window outside of desktop... yeah I know that's bad solution, but Allegro doesn't seem to implement any of such functionality.

Edgar Reynaldo


You might be able to do it on X if you can get a display pointer. You might have to hack allegro to return the x-window for a given display.


I always wondered why Allegro has a way to get the window handle on Window, OSX and I think even iOS but not Linux...

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