HDMI Window!? Am I mad!
Dizzy Egg

Here's a question to which the answer is almost certainly no; would it be possible, in any way, for me to create an A5 Windows app that could within it display the HDMI input from a PCI card?

Or have I smoked too much.

(It's a serious question though!)

Thomas Fjellstrom

If you can figure out which windows API to use to capture frames from the hdmi input, you can fire those at the A5 display no problem.

Dizzy Egg

Really!?! I don't suppose you'd like to point me in the direction of some material that could get me started on displaying a windows frame in an A5 display!?


(I mean just to get me started on how to display a normal windows frame within an ALLEGRO_DISPLAY, I'll work out the rest myself/with more questions!!)

Thomas Fjellstrom

Um, I suppose if you wanted to actually put a windows window inside the a5 display, you can get your hands on the HWND (see: al_get_win_window_handle)...

I'm not sure I'd do it that way, depends on the API you have to use.

The two most likely ways I'd try are:

1. Find the windows api that gives you raw frame data from the hdmi input, and then upload that to the a5 display (al_lock_bitmap... etc)

2. Find the windows api that lets you give it a HWND for it to display to, and hand it the a5 HWND.

The third alternative would be if the API you get only gives you a HWND for some reason, then you can make it a child of the a5 HWND.

Dizzy Egg

Option 1 I think is going to be best, thanks Thomas I thought this was too 'out there' to do, but I'm an old school sprites & dirty rectangles A4 guy so don't ever mess with stuff. I'll let you know how I get on!


Don't know if it's worth a mention, but I remember when using OpenCV that I could display my graphics card IN with it:


Dizzy Egg

That may provide a starting point so thanks for that; I have to stick with A5 because the passage of time definitely increases with age (I'm sure I used to spend a LOT more time experimenting, even whilst working FT!?!?) but a starting point is all I need for this, nice one jmaster.

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