Problem installing allegro 5 on vs 2012

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I've also had this problem with installing Allegro on MSVC 2010

The EXACT problem actually, with the same errors and everything.

Trent Gamblin

Before you include any Allegro headers.


I tried that but still get the errors.

Trent Gamblin

Are you selecting the same runtime as all of your libs (including Allegro)? It's in C/C++ options->Code generation.


I used the "#define ALLEGRO_STATICLINK" but no luck.

In my code generation options, in the field "Basic runtime checks" there is a "both" value assigned. In the runtime library field, there is "multi-threaded debug DLL".

Trent Gamblin

Make sure you link to the right Allegro library. For multithreaded debug I think it's called "allegro-<version>-md-debug". Sounds like you might be linking the "mt" version.



The problem was not the md (I already had it like that) but specifing the allegro version:

From 5.0.? to 5.0.7

Thanks for helping!


Yeah that was the fix. Thanks dude.

André Silva

Ooh, that can kinda be considered my fault. When I added info on how to statically link to that article, I replaced all instances of "5.0.6" by "5.0.?", so the tutorial wouldn't look like it only works for A5.0.6. But to be honest, I don't think it'd be hard to understand that the question mark was meant to be replaced. But hey, if anyone has any idea on a better method than a question mark, feel free to say it!

Arthur Kalliokoski


Thomas Fjellstrom



Or really just: "5.0.x (where x is the sub minor version number of the version of allegro you are using)" or something like that.

André Silva

I was gonna go with 5.0.X, but I figured someone might eventually think it's referring to a new version. Like uh... I think Genecyst's last version is X.X.X. Of course this likely wouldn't happen with Allegro, with al_get_allegro_version() and all.
But I'll change it all the same, and add a small warning.

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