[UBUNTU] Keyboard Woes
Specter Phoenix

I was putting the finishing touches on a simple game when I decided to update my Allegro version to the latest version. My game compiled fairly fine in the previous version, but now it segfaults every time. I didn't know if this was a bug or just my bad luck so I wanted to bring this to attention in case it hasn't been addressed yet. I ran the debugger and it pointed to:

//FIXME: seems A4/A5 driver list stuff doesn't quite agree right now
   if (al_get_system_driver()->vt->get_keyboard_driver) {
       new_keyboard_driver = al_get_system_driver()->vt->get_keyboard_driver();
       if (!new_keyboard_driver->init_keyboard()) {
          new_keyboard_driver = NULL;
          return false;
       _al_add_exit_func(al_uninstall_keyboard, "al_uninstall_keyboard");
       return true;

Does this mean it is a keyboard driver issue on my end or just a minor issue in Allegro?

Version information:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
GNU 4.6.3
Allegro 5.1.4 (with all add-ons)

Even with my desktop it does this. I know I'm bad about doing comments or removing comments so I didn't know if that comment was still relevant.

[EDIT]Fixed brain lapse in text.

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