al_get_display_option for ALLEGRO_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE doesn't work on mac

we have this line of code in our atlas system, to find out how big can one atlas bitmap be:

unsigned int maxSize = al_get_display_option(global->display.display, ALLEGRO_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE);

It works on windows, but on mac/unix it returns 0 and we have to hardcode something like this:

maxSize = std::max(unsigned(2048), maxSize);

What might be the problem?

Arthur Kalliokoski

I just tried that on Linux, and it works. Are you doing this after creating the display? (I did) OpenGL won't do anything without a context.


Looking at the source, it should work under Linux. The size is read here:


Do you have a test-case where you read ALLEGRO_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE after al_create_display and it returns 0, under Linux?

As for OSX, yes, it always returns 0 according to the source code. Can you create a ticket for that [1]? Someone with a Mac will have to implement it.


Ok, thx I added it as ticket.

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