There was some recent troubles with the commit notification service but it seems now that is completely dead. said:

Service Dead!

Due to problems with the ISP that hosted the CIA.VC servers and website the CIA.VC server has been completely wiped.

The are no backups of the servers so the service CANNOT be restored, The Atheme team have decided to not bother

restoring or maintaining the service and have passed it over to Ilkotech.

Whats to become of the service?

Ilkotech hopes to rebuild the service from scratch, this means developers will need to recreate their accounts along with their

bots and projects, we hope to have the service somewhat back online. We cannot promise any miracles but do promise to do our best.

This is slightly more than annoying for me because I was using sourceforge's cia post script and I have no way of changing it at least until I move to the new 2.0 allura stuff.



Should we move Allegro to Allura 2.0?


Seems like a good reason to move it now.

Thomas Fjellstrom

Man, talk about incompetent. Storing all of your files and work on a server which could go away at any time? Damn boy.

I'm sure the ISP was being douchy, but the people running the service were just stupid.

Peter Wang

What was it? And were we using it?

Trent Gamblin

It posts commits in IRC channels (or did.) If the commits list was reliable I wouldn't care, but I didn't get any messages about my last 2-3 commits.


It has nothing to do with sourceforge of course (especially when using git, as the hook is the same with and without allura).

The mention of it just made me wonder again. On one hand the repository URL changes and there may be troubles with the bug tracker or mailing list, so might be better to wait. On the other hand if we switch now we have it behind us :p

Peter Wang

I don't understand the concern about the repository url changing but I guess with gone that's one less place to update? :p


I don't understand the concern about the repository url changing

So you'd agree to upgrade the SourceFroge project?

Peter Wang



Ok. I did a quick test with another of my SF projects, all items in the tracker as well as the mailing lists should transfer to the new system without problems. File releases should not be touched at all.

The code repositories will be auto-transferred by SourceForge as well, and we will have shell access to both the old and new ones. (Old ones will still be available in /home/scm_git(svn)/alleg and new ones will be in /home/git/alleg.) Also both the old and new repositories will keep functioning (read as well as write) for now (but the web-interface will only see the new ones). It just means that once the upgrade is complete we'll have to tell everyone (especially with write access) to use the new one. (And probably delete the old ones to avoid confusion.)

I'll click the "Upgrade" button when I find time tomorrow or later during the week, if nobody finds a reason against it.

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