How to detect error with al_create_fs_entry()?
Arthur Kalliokoski

I was trying to get the filesize of a particular file by using al_create_fs_entry() and it insisted the filesize was zero. The only error checking I'd done was to make sure the ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY wasn't null. When I gave up to use the fseek(fp,0,SEEK_END) method, my error checking told me that the file couldn't be opened because it didn't exist (filename typo). How can this type of error be detected?

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I just stumbled across al_fs_entry_exists(), sorry! I need to slow down.


It's not an error, in principle, since you can use ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY to create files. The function you're looking for is probably al_fs_entry_exists.

Arthur Kalliokoski

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