Toggle console window ?

How do I make the user able to switch between showing the console or hiding it?
I'd like to let the user be able to toggle the console.
I know there is a way to completely disable the console, but I need to be able to toggle it while running.

If that's not possible I guess I'll make an overlay instead of a console or something like that. I'm just doing a projectile motion demonstration and want it to show the variables in the console, but with the ability to hide it.

Specter Phoenix

I think the in-game overlay is the preferred method for debug stuff. With the in-game overlay though you can make it possible to toggle it with a keypress if you wanted.

Peter Wang

You could use the textlog functionality in the native_dialog addon. Starting point: al_open_native_text_log


It should be possible to programmatically create a console window. So if you create a console-less application then you could conceivably create and destroy (or at least hide) a console window. It would require platform specific code, and I can guess that it won't be pretty. You'll probably have an easier time, and get better user-friendliness from, creating your own in-game console. Of course, Peter Wang's solution is probably best if you don't need an interactive console (assuming whatever that is isn't interactive).


Alright thanks a bunch
I'll go with an ingame overlay

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