[GGJ12] From Beyond

Hello guys.
I participated in the 2012 edition of the Global Game Jam, and used Allegro 5.0.5 to make my entry.




This is a link to the page if anyone is interested in checking it out:

Direct download to the latest version:

Direct download of the official Jam version from the GGJ website:

Gameplay video at YouTube:

This here be my highest score so far on the official Jam version, but that version is pretty imbalanced



Bernardo Lopes

I'm always pleased to know fellow Brazilians who are engaged in developing games with Allegro.

Downloaded your game and played a little bit.

Congratulations on making a polished game. I like the graphics and controls very much. And it did not crashed in any way on my Windows machine.

This Global Game Jam that you mentioned is a competition? If so, how well did you fare?

Also, may I suggest that you post some screenshots here? It will add value to this topic.


Thanks for the input :) No, GGJ is not officially a competition, although some independent entities do a few unnoficial rankings. It's still too early for that though, since the event ended only last sunday.

I'll be adding some screenshots, as well as a gameplay video, to the original post. Thanks for the suggestion :D


Pretty good game indeed, very polished, a little bit difficult, though. Congrats!


Yeah, I got a lot of complaints about difficulty. Did some more balancing and added mouse support; Some more changes are underway. A new version is available on the site, and I added the link to the original post.
Thanks for the input :D

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