Video of what I've been doing


Hi guys

Thought I'd share this with you. I really hope this isn't the wrong forum to post it in... But either way it's a sort of 2.5D "engine" that I use Allegro for.
Some day... some day. It will be finished :)

Feel free to comment or question


Embed it!

Looks nice. Any plans on what you're going to use it for? :)

Arthur Kalliokoski

What is it exactly? The red thing reminds me of the terrain editor in Transport Tycoon, and I guess the tiny little moving thing is testing collision detection and the (in)ability to climb steep slopes.


Thank you!

I intend to make a game of it. A sort of 2.5D sci-fi/horror game with platform and top-down-shooter elements. I'm working on a story too but I'm not much of a story writer, heh, but I know I guy who is so I manage.

Right now it is sort of a terrain editor yes, only the focus is on getting the walls and floors to look right so the green goblin guy (a stand in actually) can move around on everything.

I have a ton of plans for it like transparent tiles and maybe better lighting (etc.) but right now that's all it is :)

Everything is subject to change heh...

William Labbett


What about shadows - could make the scenes easy for the eye to understand.


Yhea it looks cool... What resolution are you using? it seems very small.

Neil Walker

marble madness


Shadows huh? :) Well I haven't really a clue how to do those yet. At least not the "right" way. I'll look into it one way or the other. Also I might add a frame at edges. Oh, and I'm thinking of lighting the cells that are higher in the "grid" like so:
(see attachment)

(only problem is transparency of textures (which I may or may not need))

Resolution is 640x360 (16:9) which is working out great so far. At least on my own monitor heh. For future videos I'll try and record in full screen and see if that looks better.

Hehe Neil Walker, you are absolute right there are many similarities. Especially at this stage but that's subject to change quite a lot too.

Thanks for your comments


For future videos I'll try and record in full screen and see if that looks better.

If you record a 640x360 windows in fullscreen that is not going to change anything... actually you will get something like this:

********************************** < -- Monitor resolution
*            * < -- Game resolu..* 
* your game  *                   *
*            *                   *
*            *                   *
*            *                   *
**************                   *
*   and all the rest in black    *
*                                *
*                                *

640x360 isn't not compatible with my 1920x1080 monitor. I think the best "fixed resolutions" are 800x600 and 1024x768 < -- but this one is not good for mini laptops, I don't know if Windows 7 is automatically changing the aspect ratio of my game or if it's the graphics card driver, but now I can put my 800x600 game in fullscreen and somethig adds the black bar at left and right mayically :o, which is great... less work... ;D

Now if your game isn't intended to run in fullscreen you have no problem... Otherwise think about it... ;D.

Keep going!

William Labbett

doesn't allegro just stretch the buffer to fit the screen?


Yes... But since I installed Windows 7 in my new machine I'm getting free aspect ratio adjustation... no code... Aaaaallll for free... Obviously I'm not counting with that to happen in others PC besides mine. :(


Let this be the answer to your question:

1void Application::fullscreen(bool is_fullscreen) { 2 3 al_toggle_display_flag(disp, ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW, is_fullscreen); 4 5 scale_factor = 1; 6 while(al_get_display_width(disp)>=display_width*(scale_factor+1) 7 && al_get_display_height(disp)>=display_height*(scale_factor+1)) { 8 9 scale_factor += 1; 10 11 } 12 scale_xpos = (al_get_display_width(disp)-display_width*scale_factor)/(scale_factor*2); 13 scale_ypos = (al_get_display_height(disp)-display_height*scale_factor)/(scale_factor*2); 14 15 // Apply transformation scale to screen bitmap 16 al_identity_transform(&scale); 17 al_scale_transform(&scale, scale_factor, scale_factor); 18 al_use_transform(&scale); 19 20} 21 22... 23 24 if(config->get_fullscreen()) { 25 26 if(trans.isTransfering()) al_draw_bitmap(trans.get(), scale_xpos, scale_ypos, 0); 27 else al_draw_bitmap(bmp, scale_xpos, scale_ypos, 0); 28 29 30 31 } else { 32 if(trans.isTransfering()) al_draw_bitmap(trans.get(), 0,0, 0); 33 else al_draw_bitmap(bmp, 0,0, 0); 34 }


Only thing is that all those 16:10 monitors out there will have unused space.
1920x1080 happens to be my resolution as well. So it would divide the 1920 with three and fill the whole screen. Same with the 1080.

Michael Faerber

The editing mode already looks very nice! Congratulations!

Karadoc ~~

It makes me think of Spindizzy Worlds.

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