Allegro5 al_load_font_f ?

I'm coding some wrapper code to use fonts in my framework, and When I was coding the allegro5 backend for it, I realized that there isn't any al_load_font_f, or something like that.
I know I can use al_load_ttf_font_f, but... Is there a way to load bitmap fonts as well using ALLEGRO_FILE ? If I could use al_load_font_f, it would be great...

Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.


Looks like it's an oversight. You can use al_grab_font_from_bitmap as an approximate replacement (it's approximate because it doesn't auto-determine the ranges of characters in the font file like al_load_bitmap_font does).


al_load_bitmap_font doesn't determine ranges - you can't even load the a4_font.png example with it. So always better to use al_grab_font_from_bitmap anyway. Ideally al_load_bitmap_font also would have the ranges parameters though (and it would have an _f) version.

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