[SH11] Blocky Rhythm
Dario ff

I forgot about posting my entry here, so I'll follow everyone else's example.

Blocky Rhythm

Destroy blocks, trigger chain reactions, and survive as long as you can in this stage of doom!


  • Survival Arcade mode.

  • Puzzle solving mode.

  • Hat-randomizer algorithm.

  • Mind-bending beat. 8-)


Also, an optional "puzzle" mode is provided, have fun solving the 10 levels!
(shot is in 1920x1080, it's the best resolution for the game)

(Another shot in a different resolution)


Download(source+win32 binaries)

Uses A5, should build easily on Linux without any problems.

Development blog.


Musics, gfx, working !

A good entry too. Note that my space key hates you now ^^


This game is awesome. I enjoyed it very much. Especially the puzzle part. Great entry!


I didn't like the survival mode much, but the puzzle mode was very nice :)


Really nice game, very polished. I also prefer the puzzle mode. Maybe with some carefully designed puzzles it would be more interesting.

Oh, and I liked the random hat detail.

Dario ff

I do agree about the puzzle mode thing. I think it has potential, kind of like the puzzle mode in Bejeweled or such. But that being the only mode wouldn't have fitted within the random rule or the laziness one(maybe with giving clues).

BTW, there's a kind of "level editor", I just didn't document it at all.

The level#.txt on the data folder are the 10 levels for the puzzle mode.



The first 12 lines repesent the blocks with their ids. Line #13 is the width of the arena. Line #14 is the number of moves. If anyone wants to play with it, there you go. ;)


I found the number of moves kinda... confusing. Sometimes I would do some action I thought would be a move, and it didn't decrease. How exactly does it work?

Dario ff

The move is considered when you destroy a block. Pushing is free.


Very fun game, and interesting gameplay. Puzzle mode is cool :)
I think the fact you got me to enjoy a genre I usually hate (the color matching thing) should tell you something :P

Matthew Leverton

I tried to like this game ... but I think I don't get how to play the game.


Yes. I was planning on playing the survival mode again to get the rules figured out.
There's 'triggering', 'destroying' and 'comboing'. I haven't figured out how they work for all the blocks.

Dario ff

I tried to like this game ... but I think I don't get how to play the game.

I think I overload the player with too much information(too much to learn, and barely anything explained), tho if you don't try to understand it at all you might be just fine pushing and destroying around(hence the laziness rule)

If you want to give it another try though, the mechanics are pretty simple.

  • Destroying a block with your SPACE key triggers its action. Each block has different triggers.

  • * Green: Erase all blocks above it. Triggers other greens around it in 4 directions.

  • * Yellow: Just destroys other yellows around it in 4 directions.

  • * Blue: Spawns a "note" which destroys all blues in a nearby range.

  • * Pink: Destroys pink blocks in 4 directions, gives you health.

  • * Orange: Destroys fire blocks in 8 directions(e.g. stairs)

  • * Bomb: Triggers(so it does all of the actions noted above) all blocks around in 8 directions of any type.

That's all about triggering. I thought leaving it to the player to find out on his own would be enough, but it's not intuitive enough(a good example of intuitive is Mark's game; crash once, and you know the effects already)

Combos are just when after destroying a block, 2 blocks of the same type are next to each other after falling because a block below was destroyed. The first stage in the puzzle mode is the best example for it IMO.

All that info is just too much I guess, but all feedback is good. I just think that survival mode shouldn't start so soon with the stage events and give you more time to experiment with just colored blocks.


I think playing puzzle mode is a good introduction into the arcade/survival mode; That's how I played it.

Matthew Leverton
Dario ff said:

If you want to give it another try though, the mechanics are pretty simple.

It just seems that as a whole, it starts becoming meaningless, chaotic block breaking. But that could be me being too lazy to try to set things up.

Bruce Perry

Awesome game :)

If you play it for long enough, you do figure out how it works. I did. Some combination of trying things out and reading the hints did the job.

What's lacking is a non-punishing environment to do it in. Avoiding floor spikes early in the game might be enough. Another possibility is to start with not all the block types enabled and then enable them later.

I think it can appeal to two audiences at once: smart players who can figure it out and create fancy combos, and players who simply enjoy the sensation of blowing stuff up. Maybe I'm both. ;D

By the way, was this meant to happen?


Dario ff

How could I forget that before submitting? ;D

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