[A5] Building with OGG support on Windows

I'm trying build Allegor 5.1 current svn head for msvc 2008. I've successfully built it several times, but left out support for flac, dumb and ogg/vorbis, which I didn't need at the time.

I've downloaded and build vorbis and ogg libs. CMake (using cmake-gui 2.6-patch 4)finds the headers correctly, but it doesn't find the libs. I've tried setting VORBISFILE_LIBRARY, VORBIS_LIBRARY, and OGG_LIBRARY manually in cmake-gui. I'm not sure if it wants just the path, or the file name too, so I've tried both for all three libs.

The files in the lib directory are these:


Are these names correct?

I got cmake to the point where it runs the compile test, but that fails. And the debug log doesn't tell me what commands or files are actually involved. Help ???

Trent Gamblin

To troubleshoot, look in addons/acodec/CMakeLists.txt for the small code snippet it's trying to compile. The next part I don't know, on MinGW you can "make VERBOSE=1" and it'll show you the command it's using to compile.


You can also grep the build folder (not sure how to grep a folder under Windows though) for "vorbis test" or something like that and one of the cmake files will have the error message of the compile test inside.


It worked when I used cmake on the command line, so I guess the environment cmake-gui runs the compiler in is missing some info or something. Still had to set the lib names manually, though.

Always a pleasure using cmake :P

torhu said:

Always a pleasure using cmake

Windows is nothing since the cmake devs use Windows and sometimes test it there. Try using it in OSX for some fun :P

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