Clarification on bitmap flags in A5
Don Freeman

I would like to get clarification as to if I need to store and then restore the state for the bitmap flags if I was to load a memory bitmap and then want to switch back to video bitmaps in a5.


That is what I am doing now. This file will load fine on some video cards, but not others unless it is loaded as a memory file...that is why I ask. The API states ALLEGRO_STATE_NEW_BITMAP_PARAMETERS and I am only assuming that this means flags and format. Thanks for you input.

Matthew Leverton

ALLEGRO_STATE_NEW_BITMAP_PARAMETERS - new_bitmap_format, new_bitmap_flags

So it should work. Alternatively you could use al_get_new_bitmap_flags():

The image fails to load on some computers probably because of the image's size. It must be smaller than the maximum texture size (can be queried).

Don Freeman

Yeah, it is the size. It is 2512x16 or something to that effect. I use it as a tile map. I thought about doing that as well ( old = al_get_new_bitmap_flags(); ), but as long as the state method works, I'll probably just use that. I was originally thinking of setting a config option that the user can select, but if I can do it all programmically, all the better. Thanks! :)

Matthew Leverton

I think querying the max texture size doesn't work in D3D on 5.0.0, but it should return something like 2048.

2512x16 is only 40,192 pixels. If you made it square (2048x2048) you'd get 4M to work with.


I think querying the max texture size doesn't work in D3D on 5.0.0

I thought it was fixed before the release of Allegro 5.0.0, wasn't it?.

[EDIT:] Looks like it wasn't. On my old integrated Intel card, it returns 2048 but the actual max bitmap size is 1024x1024.

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