ATI Radeon HD 5770 [Sapphire] Crash on ogl_display
Dario ff

So a friend of mine is having a strange crash in the latest RC. Keep in mind these OGL apps actually worked for him in the past, so it's weird it doesn't work now. Last version I remember it worked was just a few versions before 5.0 I think.

This is the error:

Assertion failed: format != ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY, file E:\allegro\src\opengl\ogl_display.c, line 303

As mentioned on the title, the GPU is ATI Radeon HD 5770 [Sapphire], and drivers are up to date according to him. OS is Windows 7 64-bit, and the application was compiled on Windows XP 32-bit. As I said before, it worked anyway from quite a few versions back, with the same GPU as well.

These are the lines around the assert just for reference:

288 format = ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ABGR_8888_LE; 289 // TODO: This one is also supported 290 //format = ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB_565; 291#else 292 format = _al_deduce_color_format(&disp->extra_settings); 293 /* Eww. No OpenGL hardware in the world does that - let's just 294 * switch to some default. 295 */ 296 if (al_get_pixel_size(format) == 3) { 297 /* Or should we use RGBA? Maybe only if not Nvidia cards? */ 298 format = ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ABGR_8888; 299 } 300#endif 301 ALLEGRO_TRACE_CHANNEL_LEVEL("display", 1)("Format %s used for backbuffer.\n", 302 _al_format_name(format));
304 305 /* Now that the display backbuffer has a format, update extra_settings so 306 * the user can query it back. 307 */ 308 _al_set_color_components(format, &disp->extra_settings, ALLEGRO_REQUIRE); 309 disp->backbuffer_format = format; 310 311 ALLEGRO_DEBUG("Creating backbuffer bitmap\n"); 312 al_set_new_bitmap_format(format);

The error even happens with ex_opengl, and the Direct3D driver works fine. Any workaround? Or is this just a plain bug?

Peter Wang

It's a bug. allegro.log should help. It would also help to know which version it worked for.

Dario ff

How do I enable the allegro.log file?

And regarding the versions, I guess I'll start downloading some binaries and compiling ex_opengl til I track the one with the bug. I'm not really in the mood of compiling 10+ versions. :P

Thomas Fjellstrom
Dario ff said:

How do I enable the allegro.log file?

Link to the debug version of allegro.

Dario ff

Got it.

Where did the old binaries that were uploaded at go? I think the page was maintained by Trent wasn't it? It's been replaced now by the official Allegro page... I can only track down up to 5.0rc2 on the files page. And I wasn't browsing for them, I just guessed them by replacing the URL. :P

I'm looking for the old MinGW binaries in particular.

Important Edit

Ok, I've tracked the version... I think:
Here are the logs from 4.9.18 to 5.0-rc4.

The only versions that worked were 4.9.18 and 4.9.21.

4.9.19 and 4.9.20 failed on al_install_system for some reason, but that got fixed in .21 apparently.

4.9.22 log's last lines are the following:

opengl   I E:\ogl_test\4.9\allegro-4.9.22\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:766  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.49394] Packed Pixels formats available
opengl   I E:\ogl_test\4.9\allegro-4.9.22\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:812  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.49398] Use of non-power-of-two textures enabled.
opengl   I E:\ogl_test\4.9\allegro-4.9.22\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:823  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.49402] Use of FBO to draw to textures enabled.

And on from rc1 to rc4, the last log's lines are pretty much the same:

opengl   I E:\ogl_test\5.0-RC1\allegro-5.0.0rc1\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:766  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.47743] Packed Pixels formats available
opengl   I E:\ogl_test\5.0-RC1\allegro-5.0.0rc1\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:812  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.47748] Use of non-power-of-two textures enabled.
opengl   I E:\ogl_test\5.0-RC1\allegro-5.0.0rc1\allegro\src\opengl\extensions.c:823  _al_ogl_manage_extensions        [   0.47752] Use of FBO to draw to textures enabled.
opengl   D E:\ogl_test\5.0-RC1\allegro-5.0.0rc1\allegro\src\opengl\ogl_display.c:279  _al_ogl_create_backbuffer        [   0.47760] Creating backbuffer
display  I E:\ogl_test\5.0-RC1\allegro-5.0.0rc1\allegro\src\opengl\ogl_display.c:301  _al_ogl_create_backbuffer        [   0.47764] Format ANY used for backbuffer.

Hope this helps. :)

Peter Wang

4.9.22 was when the assertion was added. The same "bug" is present in earlier versions but not detected.

Could you apply the attached patch to rc4 and post allegro.log again?

Dario ff

Ok, attached the new log.

I noticed the new line:

display  W E:\ogl_test\allegro\src\display_settings.c:634  _al_deduce_color_format   
       [   0.40133] Could not deduce color format, sizes = (8,8,8,8,24), shifts = (16,8,0,24)

Peter Wang

Thanks. Looking at it again, the assertion seems to be wrong so I will remove it.

Dario ff

So is it safe if I remove the assertion for the moment? My priority is to get it working for the moment just so we can at least test the game in both comps, not really needed for a release or something like that. I can wait for a proper fix for that later.

EDIT: Ah, I see you just comitted it to the 5.1 branch.

EDIT: Ok, I applied the changes from your revision to rc4, and the problem doesn't stop there apparently. :-/

The program crashes with this message:

And here's the log as well.

Another assert I need to remove?

Peter Wang

Try this provisional patch.

Are you setting display settings manually?

Dario ff

It's ex_opengl, so...

display = al_create_display(640, 480);

Yeah, it's setting the display manually I guess.

I'm gonna try this out as soon as he connects.

New EDIT #2

Here's the new log. I couldn't notice anything different myself, I applied & verified the patches. Though I wasn't really sure what the second one was supposed to do.

And the error:
Back to the old assert, uh? I forgot that in the last test, I manually removed it. I also forgot that your first patch didn't include the change you did on SVN to ogl_display.

But there's one interesting tidbit though, pressing on the Omit button on that error window apparently allows him to run ex_opengl! Should I try and remove the assert from ogl_display now?

Peter Wang

Yes, the original assertion should be removed as well.

Dario ff

Well, that's it! It works finally. Thanks for all the help Peter. :)

Are these changes going to be in rc5? Since I'm interested in the monolith builds.

Oh, and I'd thank Rick for patiently testing over 10-12 different versions. ;D

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