Deathmatch Platformer Footage

Hello everyone,
during this fall two friends and I made a multiplayer (network) platformer game using Allegro and Raknet. It was a lot of fun and we got to know Allegro really well. We ended up with 7000+ lines of code. We probably won't, however, make the source available (we're not in agreement about this) but I'll try to get the executables up soon (editor, server and client).

For now, here's some footage (without music):


It looks interesting. How many players does it support?


10 at the moment (simply because that's the number of entries in our scoreboard). We haven't actually tried how many people can play at the same time. I believe 10 would be a good bet, it all depends on how many customers the server can serve at the same time (which in turn depends on the processing power and network capabilities of the host).


Is there voice chat? ;D

Looks awesome 8-)


Nope, no voice chat, only text chat :)

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