[TINS 2010] Elemental Sun
Bruce Perry

Woot, first TINS game thread!

Introducing Elemental Sun:


Can you power the Sun with functions?

Source download
Source and Windows executable download

Progress log



Looks great! I'll try it when I get home, but just looking at the screenshot I can see it's really good. :)


Wow, interesting concept and very well done. It's probably because I haven't really slept, but trying to think about the functions is making my brain hurt. Great job!

For whatever it's worth, when I tried the Windows binary distribution it died with a note about missing alleg42.dll, in case you want to include that with your distribution as well.

Good work... and thanks!

Bruce Perry

Thanks both for the kind words :)

I see what went wrong with the DLLs: you have to write -lalleg44 instead of just -lalleg these days, and I didn't know and ended up compiling against an old build of Allegro 4.2 instead. I've updated readme.txt and compile.bat in both zips, and the .exe in the Windows zip. Hopefully it'll now work for anyone else who doesn't already have the DLLs!


You know I'm a fan of your games. Can't wait to try this one.



Looks interesting, I am, like, SO going to try that one out!


This is a great entry Bruce. All the rules are nicely implemented. I especially like the awesome way you incorporated your source code in the game!


Its a nice game, I coulnd't beat the last level.

I wasn't able to predict how putting functions on the stars would affect the result so I was reduced to trying every permutation until I won.

Michael Faerber

I agree, this is a brilliant game! Graphics are nice, audio (is that your voice in the music? ^^) is good, all rules are fulfilled and there is this incredible attention to detail that makes a game look polished: The "popping up" of the code snippets, the way two functions exchange places when you drag one over the other ...
I'd say you've earned your sleep! ;D


I played it. Simple, effective !

A nice TINS entry, it has my two cents !

Can't go on level 12, I'm stuck after 10 minutes playing. I'll beat it tomorrow ^^


Awesome game!!! It took me a couple of levels to figure it out, but then it gets kind of addictive. Level 12 was really difficult but fun to watch. With a pack of 50 or 100 carefully designed levels and some more polish, this could be much more than just a speedhack game. :)


This is a really great idea, implemented very well! :D I love the original take on the player-as-deity rule. The crayon visuals are great, and the general polish is really nice for a 72-hour hack.

I agree that this could easily become much more than a simple TINS entry - but in addition to adding some length I'd remake the interface to match more with the crayon art of the rest of the game. :) Also I'm not sure I'd leave the functions to be interpreted by the player if it were meant for a general audience. :-X Add in some levels, a final spit-shine and some hand-holding and you've got gold!

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

Very beautiful art.

In level 10, it is needed 480 heat. But there is another solution which gives 556 heat.

Could not beat level 12 yet.
[Edit: Game completed :), 2 solutions possible that leads to 10490 heat in the last level]


I needed about 20 tries on level 12. If I fix what I put on the 7th spot and exclude one possibility from the first spot, I count only 60 possible combinations - so it should be easy to win just by trying them all. With 2 possible solutions I guess you should need only 15 tries on average (after figuring out those two exclusions above).


Well, I think that's the biggest problem of the game. It quickly gets unpredictable and chaotic and then you just have to try every possible combination.

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