Chomps the Cat (1992-2009)
Mark Oates

Well, Chomps took his last breath this morning. He has been my little pal since I was 12 years old and we've lived in many different places together. We always had a great understanding between each other and I always felt the best way to get him to understand what I was thinking was to talk to him "man-to-man" like I would to anybody else.

It's been the most emotional thing I've had to go through, but I'm happy because he was a terrific friend and lived a great, healthy, and loved 17 years. I was there when he passed away at home and was petting him and giving him calm words.

Here's my favorite Chomps story:


Chomps wanted to cuddle but I put him in the tall blue hamper next to my bed because I didn't want to crush him in my sleep - he was soooooo tiny. So I put him in the hamper and he meowed and meowed, and he would purr when I talked to him.

I tried to go to sleep but he crawled all the way out and insisted on cuddling... So I put him back in the hamper, this time I put the lid on. That didn't stop chomps. He crawled all the way up and wedged open the lid and squeezed out... and came straight for my face purring, rubbing and ploped down right nex to me.

So I put him in the hamper again, with the lid, and something heavy on top, but he just meowed even louder. So I let him out and sure enough I didn't crush him in my sleep.

That was our first night together. :')

Matthew Leverton

Proof of a time machine?


No! Not chomps! :'( Sorry to hear that.


I didn't know he was this old. Sorry to hear that.

Neil Black

Aw. I'm sorry to hear this.


Well, damn. :(


I'm not at a loss of words, just nothing feels right to say. I hope the memories remain and the pain goes away.

Bah, the fact that it rhymes makes it seem less credible.


Sorry to hear about this. :-/

My old cat died a couple of years ago, at the age of 21. I cried the rest of that day.
She was a very special cat: she always wanted to be there when there were people around and demanded her own chair. Never used her claws except to hold on to something. Worked out how to operate a door knocker and a door handle. It was very sad when she became ill. Sometimes I still miss her.
Strength to you.

Steve Terry

So sad to hear of your loss Mark :'(



Matthew Leverton
Trent Gamblin

Sorry to hear about that Mark, but at least he lived a good life. :)


I'm going to pet Emi now... :'(

Thomas Fjellstrom

Very sorry to hear about Chomps, but at least he lived a good life :)

Matthew Leverton said:

Proof of a time machine?

Now I look like a jerk because of that thread.

Sorry about what happened Mark, hope you feel better soon. That was an awesome kitty you had.

Goalie Ca

:( I still miss my dog and cats all these years later sniff

sorry about the news :(


Sorry for your loss, I felt the same way when i lost my Chevrolet Tracker >:(

Mark Oates

Thanks for all your support guys. It's sad, absolutely, but as far as cats and humans go, the two of us couldn't have asked for better times together.

Now that I've gone through the day and thought back on all the memories, I can't help but feel incredibly lucky (on all points) and I'm finding it hard to feel bad. :) It's more like "dude, that was badass"

Bob Keane

Sorry for your loss. My dog died more than ten years ago, I still have dreams about him. :'(

Don Freeman

I am sorry to here about poor old Chomps!:'( He seemed to be a great kitty! I want to get me a kitty now. I have lost a couple of hamsters over the years...they seem to be genetically predispositioned for cancer and such.:-/ I would like to get another pet...I do miss my little buddies.:'(

On a lighter note:
There was a cloning machine mentioned here before...I wonder what happened with that.???


Bruce Perry

Tribute to Chomps

PDF of the score - MIDI version - NoteWorthy Composer version - MP3 version

[EDIT - MP3 version added]


thats pretty good bp

Mark Oates

I like the part where it goes into Maria :P


A 17 years life is a good score for a cat.

May he stay in peace.

Bruce Perry

Thanks Yves and Mark for the compliments :)

Mark, is 'Maria' what the wedding music is called then? I can name all the other themes I've used, but I didn't know what that one was called...

(The others are 'Happy Birthday', Tchaikovsky's 'Romeo and Juliet' overture, a theme from near the end of the last movement of Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto, and - obviously - 'Three Blind Mice'.)

The Internets tells me the other theme is the Wedding March from 'Lohengrin' by Wagner, so now I'm confused. The site I'm on tells me that 'Ave Maria' is often used in weddings, but it isn't that theme. Is that what you're thinking of?





Mark Oates

Tchaikovsky's 'Romeo and Juliet' overture

That's what I meant. There was an instrumental arrangement I heard many times which mixed Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story and I get them mixed up sometimes.

Johan Halmén

It's a field-mouse year now, at least in Finland, and our Lolli brings one field-mouse to our porch almost once a week. The strange thing is all seem to have their tails cut off. Either it's how Lolli catches them and plays with them until they die. Or it's that dreadful farmer's wife with her carving knife.

Michael Jensen

These things you never really go away, but you get over them, sounds like you're well on your way. Cheer up. In a little while, you might get a new one, maybe it's kind of morbid to think about now, but whatever.

I still miss max & sam. :-/

I think the next place I move to will have to be pet friendly.

Thomas Fjellstrom

Yeah, if I were to loose jasper, I'd most likely get a kitten sometime soon after getting over jasper's passing. In fact I want to get a kitten right now, but after Chase... Yeah, he was a rotten little bastard.

Matthew Leverton

We'd name our pet steers after famous people (e.g., Presidents), and then eat them after they (the steers) died. :-X

But we never named our pigs or ate our cats.


We have an old cat that I have an "understanding" with like Mark described. But she was raised by a schizophrenic: so a) she isn't always nice b) she has the weirdest taste (she'll steal cucumber and avocado!). My parents decided we should have a "spare" cat for my little sister. He's called Che, after Che Guevara. He's a real annoyance, but will take on any abuse loudly purring.

Thomas Fjellstrom

my Chase sounds similar to Che. I got him from my sister as a birthday present a few years ago. He was absolutely the largest smallest purr ball ever when he was a kitten. He was the runt, and he acted all kinds of scared and sucky. He would lay on my lap for hours every day. Then he started growing up. Spent almost as much time on my lap, but just about as much time harassing Jasper (my older cat), and crapping behind my couch. He is quite rambunctious. It got so bad I just couldn't keep him anymore :( Had to give him to my sister's inlaws. He is quite happy out on that large acreage. So it was a good decision. Even if he was an evil little cat, I still miss him :(

Michael Jensen

We have an old cat that I have an "understanding" with...

That sounded bad the first time.


He's a real annoyance, but will take on any abuse loudly purring.

that sounded worse.

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