allegro and turbo C++ ?

hi everyone

i am new to allegro and game programming..
i found dev C++ a bit difficult to use as i have been using turbo C++
can i use allegro with turbo C++ compiler
and if i can how do i install it ?
thanx in advance


If you are comftable in dos, and a text based editor, get DJGPP with the rhide editor, you can get it in through the zip picker. Then get a copy of allegro and go from there (I don't know how current allegro is in the zip picker list.)


hii thanks for replyin
i tried that out..but jus can't download it..don't know y !!
do u have a messenger ?


Any problem you run into you can ask about here on the forum and it will get answered - provided you do something about your horrible spelling. Most people here are not patient with people who can't be bothered to spell correctly (as in "why", "you"). This is likely to be your only warning.



can i use allegro with turbo C++ compiler

No, you can't.

EDIT: honestly, if you're in Windows, you're better off using a Windows compiler (ie, MinGW). If you don't like Dev-C++ but do like RHIDE (say), there's no particular reason you cannot use RHIDE and use it with MinGW rather than DJGPP.
My recommendation is to look through some other free IDEs/editors and see if you like any of those more than you do Dev-C++.

Karadoc ~~

I agree with what Evert said. RHIDE looks almost identical to Turbo C++ anyway, so if that's what you are into, use RHIDE as your IDE and minGW as the compiler.


I talked to them on msn,

Turns out they are using vista. So they are now using dev-cpp/mingw. The problems with the mingw and vista don't seem to be happening.

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