[MinorHack] Set up your email settings!

Today's MinorHack thread is titled "Set up your email settings" because it seems only two people are going to receive the email for today's competition in a few hours, and one of them is me.

Like I announced in the last thread, the competition emails are working now, so go to the email settings page and set them up. With the hour-before and day-before settings working, it should be much harder to forget about competitions!

Anyways, today's MinorHack starts in 3.5 hours. Yay!

Jakub Wasilewski

Couldn't it be a little more than an hour before the competition? I'd like to receive notification the same day (so that I actually remember), but an hour prior to the compo can be too late.

Of course, the ideal thing would be a settable time interval, but that probably requires reworking part of the database - so I guess not going to happen :).

Now, let's get this thread rolling. Who's in for today?


Assuming I wake up, me.

So far, I have participated in every MinorHack that I didn't miss; because of poor timing, it looks like I won't miss this one, and I have to keep up with consistency.

Jakub Wasilewski

Finished! Well, it seems there isn't much competition this time, but I had good fun anyways.

My entry is called "Line Lander" and is not all that wonderful, but what the heck can you do with a total of 8 lines at my disposal?

I already found two bugs - first, you can cheat by landing at a weird angle, because I used degrees for logic in a total of two places... shows what state my mind is in today.

The other bug is not a bug, but a balance issue - the difficulty curve is messed up. If you can get to level 12, you can play indefinitely.


I made a shooter. I barely slid in to the time limit, as usual, but this game has pretty good gameplay.


Pretty nice games, both of you.

I rank relpatseht higher, though, because I found the concept to be unique and moderately entertaining. Jakub, your game was just too difficult for me.


Mine is something of a shooter, I suppose, and if I had had time to play it, I am sure it would have run the gambit from stupidly simple to insanely difficult, but I don't really know. However, I haven't been able to find any bugs in it at least--a few annoying (but intended) features--but no bugs, so that is a plus.

I'm back from dinner now, time to play the games.

insert five minutes

I vote Jakub's higher than your's, CGamesPlay. It was too difficult for me, but more amusing and technically impressive.

With any luck, more people will participate next time.

Jakub Wasilewski

I rank relpatseht higher too - for original idea.

Your entry didn't strictly conform to the rules, with nine to ten lines on the screen at the same time (counting the "cursor" as one line too), but I wouldn't rank it down based only on that. relpatseht was more entertaining and more original.

Anyway, both games were pretty good for a Minorhack and I think we all deserve a pat on the back and a beer at the pub. Too bad finding a pub nearby to all of us is such a pain in the lower back :).

The revised version has the bug fixed, and the first few levels are way easier (with the levels 10+ much harder).


Hooray, I am teh 0|2161N41 W1|\|N3|2!!!1!!1!one!!!!0N3!!
Don't I feel special.

Just out of curiosity, to find out just how terrible my reaction time really is, what were your scores while playing that game I made? I can't seem to get past 50.

My best is 21 on CGamesPlay's game, and level 3 on Jakub's.


A subtle thing about my entry is that in order to maintain 8 lines on the screen, you get fewer shots available as the number of enemies onscreen increases.

Jakub Wasilewski

Mine were all about 170. However, I may be playing by a different method than you. I pick two slowest visible lines that are moving towards each other, and only look at them. If those two are aligned, the faster ones will be aligned too.

Anyway, perhaps you'll find my revised version better to play, I don't know. It is easier in the beginning for sure. I can get level 25-28 on the revised version usually. I don't know, but I seem to be better at "Thrust" type games than most people...


No, same method, I suppose I am just not one for timing.

The revised version is quite a bit easier, I can get to about level 15 on it now.


I finished a fun, playable, within-deadline MinorHack entry, went to submit at 4:02 (7:02 UTC), and noticed my cable internet was down. It just came back up. :(

I'm totally bummed. I even finished in spite of starting 15 minutes late. Well, here's my game if anyone wants to try it, dated 7:02:24 UTC (from me adding my email at the beginning at the last second): http://oceanbase.org/data/files/8lines.c


I rank yours last, it was a bit too repetitive and boring to find out what happened when that line reached the top of the screen. I'm not really a fan of games you cannot lose if a maximum score is unobtainable.


Sorry for the delay, but I got the votes in. relpatseht wins, then Jakub, then me :'(

Good games, vote for May 26th!

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