Today's Minorhack
Jakub Wasilewski

Just a reminder to all who would like to participate. I'm definitely going to take part, unless the rule turns out to be something brain-dead like basing the gameplay on the shape of California (without any means to actually use an image, so you have to somehow conjure up California with code only).

So, how many participants should we expect today?

And a question to CGamesPlay - are you going to implement the possibility of rating the rules. That would allow us to weed out rules like the one above.


I like that rule :-/

I'm in today, hopefully. I may not be able to, as I have some other stuff going on.

As to the rules rating, I had it planned, but what little work I do on the site is dedicated to other things.

Jakub Wasilewski

I like that rule :-/

Well, everyone has their tastes. That's why rating the rules by a whole bunch of people (and not rating them according to my, or anyone else's, personal opinion) is a good idea ;).

I'm wondering, how would you like this example rule: "The game must be strongly based on the shape of People's Republic of Congo"? :)

Anyway, I hope there are more people in today's MH than there are in this thread.


I am in, assuming the proviso that Jakub brought up.


I'm wondering, how would you like this example rule: "The game must be strongly based on the shape of People's Republic of Congo"? :)

Well, it's not as original, and the Democratic Republic of Congo isn't as funnily-shaped.

Jakub Wasilewski

Okay, so we can just agree to disagree. I just wanted to show you that the rule appears stupid when you replace the familiar (to you) shape of California with something obscure. But as you obviously don't think so, well, case closed, and I'll stop derailing my own thread ;).


Either way, rule rating is in the to-do list. It's just very slow progress.

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

I'm in my java class and the teacher is speaking about JSP. Maybe I can start programming a minorhack game when he is just talking about JSP and HTTP. If nobody see I working, maybe I could do). ;D


Ugh, looks like I will have reduced time to work on the project, and potentially even none.

Jakub Wasilewski

Not good :-\.

#include <allegro.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  set_gfx_mode(GFX_AUTODETECT_WINDOWED, 640, 480, 0, 0);

As if familial obligations weren't enough, this program doesn't respond to keyboard input on my machine.

Rebuilding Allegro fixed 8-)

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

I finished with 7 minutes to spare. ;D:P:D

Never did a game so quickly! 53 minutes!

Jakub Wasilewski

55 minutes and it's working. As a bonus, I used the TimeSnapper program CGamesPlay linked to in the other thread to document my progress - so expect a video of my mighty struggles shortly ;).

It's called "Poisoned Water" and it's a simple mini-game like all my MinorHack entries, I think.


Darn, forgot about it! :'(

Too busy watching anime. Some pretty good series out there.

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

The competition has -9 seconds left!




The competition has -1 minutes and -6 seconds left! Upload your entry



The upload window is 65 minutes long, to account for people making last-minute changes to allow it to compile.


Oh man, I really like my entry.

Leaky Ceiling

In a time when ceiling integrity has collapsed, one bucket stands against a torrential downpour. One badass bucket. This bucket... is you.

Controls: A/D or Left/Right.
Collect the droplets of water.
Don't drown.

Jakub Wasilewski

I uploaded the Windows binaries on the site. Now, on to actually playing the games :).


Ack, completely forgot about this one! :'(

There's always next time ...

Jakub Wasilewski

There's always next time ...

That's what you said last time :P.


Kibiz0r: you need to learn how to handle pointers. After applying this patch, your entry actually didn't crash:

1--- Kibiz0r.cpp 2007-04-14 16:16:12.000000000 -0400
2+++ Kibiz0r_r.cpp 2007-04-14 16:15:51.000000000 -0400
3@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
4 (*i)->GetX() < m_x + 50 &&
5 (*i)->GetX() > m_x - 50)
6 {
7- delete (&i);
8+ delete *i;
9 i = drops.erase(i);
10 }
11 else
12@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@
13 (*i)->Act();
14 if ((*i)->GetY() > SCREEN_H)
15 {
16- delete (&i);
17+ delete *i;
18 i = drops.erase(i);
19 waterLevel++;
20 }

My ranking, in order:

keriostar: Good game, simple and easy to play. Has good difficulty and advancement.

Jakub Wasilewski: Very cool game, good graphics.

Kibiz0r: After fixing it, it was a good game. It would have been nice if you had made more raindrops fall at once instead of increasing the speed. It starts to feel like someone is actually shooting water at me :P Also the water level rises quite slowly.

graue_: Cool game, but you have it backwards! The water makes it easier to "win". If it worked where you had to jump up the tower that scrolled down, despite the rain, it would be really cool. Maybe you will work on it more? :)

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva: Good game but the bubbles move very slowly, and even more so I move slowly, so it's boring fast.

It was tough ranking the entries. All of the entries (except mine) are very high quality. I'm extremely pleased with the turn out this time :)



Jakub -- looked pretty, what can I say?
Victor -- interesting, but the boat is too damn slow!
keriostar -- basically my game, but without a badass bucket 8-)
graue_ -- there's a cool idea in there... unfortunately, the "goal" is not very clear or intuitive and there's not really a way to win or lose (yet?)
CGamesPlay -- when you said


[15:03] CGamesPlay: I am going to code a tetris game where the completed lines turn into water and splash away

I almost said "In one hour?", but I held my tongue (fingers?). For this, I apologize.



My Code said:

delete (&i);


By the way, that should be changed to *i, that line shouldn't be in there in the first place.

I guess I should use something with more robust debugging than TextPad, eh?

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

My ranking:

1st - Jakub: Nice idea!
2nd - keriostar: Not bad. Exciting.
3rd - Kibiz0r: Good idea, but it takes toooooo long to drown.
4th - graue_: Can i win? Can i lose?
5th - CGamesPlay: I thought it should be a game...


Ranking (from best to worst):

graue_ - I really like the concept for some reason, and having the rain rust the platforms is creative.
Victor - The general feel of the game seems cool to me somehow.
Jakub - Seems very nice and polished.
Kibiz0r - Like you said, pretty much my game with a badass bucket.
CGamesPlay - Looks very nice, but (as you said) isn't a game.

Jakub Wasilewski

Okay, so I hacked together the video I promised. It just looks so neat to see the code unravel itself on the screen. Other than that, it's totally dull, but a promise is a promise, right? ;)

My ranking:

keriostar - a solid idea and good execution. I had a tough time judging this, because Kibiz0r's game was practically the same thing, and it had better graphics (if we can talk about graphics in a 1-hour game). But keriostar's game had the superior gameplay, with the inertia and the floating all adding to create a more satisfying experience.
Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva - best graphics of all the entries, simple as they may be. Fun for a while, and fortunately it usually kills you off before you get bored.
Kibiz0r - nice graphics, solid idea, but not really an original one - so it could only work with perfect execution. My main beef with this entry is that it's way too easy in the beginning, and then it quickly becomes nearly impossible.
graue_ - nice rain. Well, it's something.
CGamesPlay - well, it does feature water :).

Now, who are you, keriostar and graue_? I don't think I've seen you before :).

* the video is the first thing I did with mencoder, which has a kajillion options, so if you can't watch it, well, tough luck.


graue_ is a guy from #allegro who just joined. keriostar is, I imagine, graue_'s friend, but I don't know hi from IRC.

Also, you code really fast! :P

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

Since graue_ is new here, do he know about how to judge?


Yeah, I've told him over IRC. Also, to alleviate this confusion in the future, this will be the page that shows up when you submit an entry:


Jakub Wasilewski

Also, you code really fast! :P

Not to scale ;).

EDIT: Okay, I've uploaded a revised version with balancing issues fixed, and nicer glass graphics as a bonus. Winbin attached.

EDIT2: Download this_one.exe, I uploaded the wrong file the first time around.


My rankings are as follows:

keriostar: Simple, effective, and addictive.

Jakub: Ingenious idea, and by far the best graphics. I think it gets too hard too fast, but still a great game.

Victor: Boat should be faster, and also I can hardly see the bubbles, so I think they should have a color that contrasts better. Neat idea though.

Kibiz0r: Crazy difficulty curve! Way too dang easy, then suddenly insane.

CGamesPlay: Well, it's not a game, so... You should upload a revised version that turns this into a game somehow. It could be fun.

I've turned my thing into an actual game where you can win and lose; I'll upload the revised version in a few minutes. The idea was going to be that you try to fall, and avoid getting scraped off the top of the screen. But per CGamesPlay's suggestion, in the revised version you jump and I've made it the other way around.

And yeah, keriostar and I are friends. I really do enjoy his game the most though, but Jakub's is a close second.


Hmm, neat idea for my game: you are holding a glass and you need to fill the glass with water as quickly as possible, by catching water from the fountain.


Results posted!

Jakub Wasilewski

Something is borked at the Minorhack site. Keriostar gave max points to keriostar in his ranking ;). Not that it changes anything, but I thought you'd like to know.

Anyway, congrats to the winner :).


The problem is that I have to write the SQL to insert the votes manually. Fixed now, thanks for reporting.


That's what you said last time :P.

And behold: my prophecy held true! 8-)

Jakub Wasilewski

On a serious note, you can register your e-mail on the site, and set the reminder options so that you never forget again.

Andrei Ellman
Jakub Wasilewski said:

unless the rule turns out to be something brain-dead like basing the gameplay on the shape of California (without any means to actually use an image, so you have to somehow conjure up California with code only)

You could use a vector-based representastion of California and have to trace it's outline using the mouse in the shortest possible time. If the mouse deviates too much from the outline of California, you lose.



There is another MinorHack in about 1 hour. I won't be in it!


Gah, I have finals to work on... is it worth giving up that hour of work...

Well, if it's a really neat-o rule, I'll play along. Otherwise, consider me AWOL.

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

I did it with a help of a friend (Alcides Liberali). The colision is buggy, but there was no time left to fix it.

Just me and Elias submitted entries this time. So, if the entrants votes on each others, we would have a tie.

EDIT: By the way, our votes:

1st: Elias

Can't vote in our own entry, just in the others, so there is not other way. :P


Yeah, unfortunately it's a tie :P


Yep. You both lost. Better luck next time. ;)


Uhm, there's a MinorHack with 59 minutes left in it... >_<


I just uploaded my revised entry, and, so far as I can see, I'm the only entrant...?


Yeah, I think a lot of us forgot about it. I should really add those "notify me in advance" emails :-/


Actually, even if I'm the only entrant, I still feel like I won (sort of) - trying to do an entire game in an hour turned out to be a lot harder than I thought, and I'm happy to have even had something working...

Oh, and I guess this means I've finally uploaded a completed project somewhere.


EDIT: I've found an amusing bug in the revised version: it's possible to finish a level without getting all the blocks; if you're lucky enough to hit the exit square, it still does the collision test without checking to see if you got them all first, and it'll allow you to exit even if it's not visible, heh.

I think I'll leave it like that, playing it with that glitch makes me feel like I'm back at EA working in testing again. ;)

Jakub Wasilewski

Hell, I was really looking forward to that one, and ended up spending the evening watching Futurama and boring my arse off :-/. Those e-mails would be really handy.


I played your game and once I got a blue circle, the red circle changed into a green square with "EXI" written on it. I tried to go to it and it printed "lost" on the console and exited.

Then I dind't go to it and seemingly after an arbitrary number of blue blocks it printed "won" on the console and exited.


Yeah, you'll get more joy (albeit not a whole lote more) out of the revised one. If you look at the code of the original, the exit sprite is drawn with the coordinates of the indestructible enemy, instead of the actual exit location (shame on me for copypasting inappropriately), which would cause both issues (in the second bug, you most likely landed on the exit while it wasn't being rendered.

Now if I could only finish my Christmashack entry...

the email said:

A competition has been scheduled for MinorHack: May 12th at 9:00 am EDT. We hope you submit an entry!

the website said:

May 12th at 3:00 pm

(while logged in, in time zone -5 GMT (DST))

Jakub Wasilewski

Mine was wrong too. The e-mail said 3:00pm CEST, while the site says 9:00pm CEST or 7:00 UTC depending on whether I'm logged in or not.


This thread is pushing a month old, for seriously.

The email bug is fixed. When I queried the date to finalize the proposal, I read in the date in the users local time, effectively adding his offset to yours in the email. Everything is handled in seconds since epoch now.

New features:

  • I've changed the email settings page around a bit. Now the "email me before" settings work, and there is an option to only email on competitions which you expressed interest towards.

  • Also new to the site is the ability to mark whether or not you are planning on participating in a competition. Marking this option (visible on the upcoming competitions page as well as on the individual competition page) is completely optional and won't affect your score if you don't participate. Right now it simply serves as a way to sign up for emails on particular competitions as well as show others a rough idea of how many people will be playing in a competition. Again, this option does not obligate you to submit or an entry, nor do you have to check it to be able to submit an entry.

Also, I changed around a lot on the site. If you notice anything being displayed wrong, let me know.


Edited for clarity.

Jakub Wasilewski

When I'm not logged in, it still shows: You are interested in participating in this competition. Change to "not interested".

This shows regardless of my actual status (not very surprising, considering that the site doesn't even know who I am before I log in ;)).


Heh, easily fixed, thanks :)

Jakub Wasilewski

And here I thought that you upgraded the site with Allegro 5 mind control and it just knows that I'm interested in each and every MinorHack ;).

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