show_mouse(...) error?
Don Freeman

Ok...I was working on a project from someone else and noticed it kept giving an error when I exited the program...I couldn't trace the error to any code other than allegro's. I started playing with the code and found this:


in the beginning of the code. I noticed that if I commented out that line, all is well. I also figured out that if you use:

before exiting, this also solves the problem. I guess my question is:

Is this operation intended or is this an error in the allegro code? I've not really dealt with the mouse routines too much, so I don't really know....the allegro docs are not clear on this topic.

Allegro version 4.2

Donald 8-)

Kitty Cat

You need to make sure you're not showing the mouse on a bitmap as it's destroyed. That said, using show_mouse on anything other than the screen is just asking for trouble.

Don Freeman

That's what I thought...I was just looking over someone elses work and noticed that...never used show_mouse() like that myself, so I never had that problem before. Maybe the docs should warn against this so others don't do the same thing...

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