google code/svn access
Neil Walker

I've created a google code project and all seems well. I have used Tortoise SVN to add my files (I did a SVN checkout then selected to add files) and that seems fine.

However, when I use Tortoise/SVN commit it lists all my files ok but when I enter the username and svn password (that it generated for me) all I get is
Error: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/!svn/act/f17bd99c-e49c-444b-85da-f5ed06458983': authorization failed (

Anyone got a clue as to what could be wrong? Did I add the files the wrong way to the project?


You didn't follow the directions. Developers have to use the HTTPS server, the HTTP one is read-only.

Neil Walker

Works a treat, thanks (I copied the url from the anonymous user instructions thinking they looked the same).

I'm well impressed, I now have complete version control and remote backup, all done in a few minutes and no dodgy sourceforge agreement clause :)


And without having to wait for days for SF to approve or disapprove your project. :)

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