Shrink Bitmap
neil dwyer

Is there a way to make bitmaps smaller in allegro? In my pong game I want to be able to shoot the opposing paddle(which is a bitmap so i cant use rectfill) and upon impact, i want the opponent to get smaller.


there's stuff about stretching and scaling in there

Simon Parzer
neil dwyer

Thanks a lot! I am going to have to start memorizing that manual.


Or have a copy of the manual open beside you. Hell, I have an HTML copy of K&R that I refer to at least once or twice a week.

Yeah sorry, I meant an online copy. I've been around long enough that I've done paper and online in equal amounts, and tend to use the terms interchangably. An online copy is often more useful, as you can just C&P API calls. Paper copies of anything are for reading in transit ;). Absolutely, read the whole thing through, but just to get a general idea of what's possible with the library. Then look it up when you need to - the docs are well laid out.

neil dwyer

My parents get mad when I use all of my ink on useless(to them) things.

Richard Phipps

The manual is online, as well as in html files with the full allegro package. There is no need to print it out or even go online..


there are some high quality scaling algorymths too available.

the quality of stretch_blit() is not very high.

Simon Parzer

Yeah, Bicubic Interpolation for example. It has nice quality and is very slow (lots of calculations for the CPU).

Fladimir da Gorf

For software Allegro, there's AASTR (Anti-Aliased STretching and Rotations)

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