Duel 3 Early Release

I've just released an early demo of my game Duel 3 and I'd like some feedback :)
From my webpage: "This incarnation of the Duel series features eight different playable ships each with unique super weapons, and distinct attributes. Game modes include Classic Duel, Missile Avoid and Asteroids all in 1 and 2 player modes."

This release includes Duel, Missile Avoid and Asteroids game modes. All three of these modes exist in Duel 2, but Duel 3 is presents much more polished versions.

Some screenshots:

Each ship has unique weapons and properties making the deathmatch mode much more interesting than before.

This is an early release so a lot is still missing, there is no high scores list yet, there are game modes not yet implemented, the menus need some prettying up and the ships and weapons in duel mode aren't balanced very well. Also, there is no on-line play, so the 2-player modes need to be played at the same computer.


It uses AllegroGL, and DUMB for music.

Some other points I forgot to mention:

  • In Asteroids and Missile Avoid you don't get a choice of ships

  • In Asteroids you can only use one weapon--the default single-shot

  • In Missile Avoid player 1 doesn't get any weapons, and in 2 player Missile Avoid the second player gets a concussion shot that can destroy missiles, but will not harm the player. Second player get unlimited lives in this mode.

  • Some of the faster ships have a special 'dodge' move that can be activated by double-tapping either the turn left or turn right key. The sensitivity on this needs some tweaking.

  • Different weapons do different amounts of damage to shields, armour and missiles--experiment to find the best combos.

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I played the 1 player asteroids mode. It's mostly bug free and ran fine. With some more polish and the rest of the game modes put in, it'll be great. A few thoughts:

The ship movement seems a little too floaty for me, I'd prefer the forward acceleration to be faster, and the turning speed to be slower.

A random bug seemed to occur where I'd get bumped in a random direction, as if an invisible asteroid hit me but did no damage. This usually happened while i was firing (although it might not have anything to do with it).

The intro screen doesn't show the "III" clearly enough; it'd be easy for someone to mistake the game for just "Duel" :D

Also, pressing shift didn't switch my weapons; am I supposed to get them somehow?


Thanks for the input, I agree with you to some extent about the ship movement, it can be annoying, but I think it's the way I like it for the style of gameplay I'm aiming for. I'll probably tweak it a bit in the future but I don't plan on making any big changes.

I'll edit the original post to point out some things I forgot about that you mentioned.

Murat AYIK

Music, implementation of features and the basic idea are fine. Although I hate games with inertia controls I can say this has some potential. But as IonBlade said, the ship's engines are too weak and it doesn't let this be a good game. I'd like to confront those missiles with a better ship:)


Hmm, I see what you mean about the ship controls. I've always been adamant about how they're controlled, but I'll take a closer look into tweaking some of the values to make it more playable to people who aren't used to it.

I think the problem is I've played the game so much while developing it that I find the way they're controlled very natural. I have a harder time imagining what someone new to the game would think.

Jonatan Hedborg

tried to start it but got a frequency out of range error and had to reboot :(

Everytime i'm forced to reboot, i kill a kitten. Look what you did.


Maybe you can just include an option for ship movement type and have it both ways?

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