datafile blues part2

So I figured that you use "/" to seperate out nested datafiles when I use find_datafile_object. But now when I get that datafile, I want to loop through it and load all bitmaps in that datafile. My code doesn't seem to be doing that.

1AnimationDirection::AnimationDirection(DATAFILE* animation, string animName, string direction)
3 BITMAP* temp;
4 int i;
5 string finalPath;
7 finalPath = animName + "/" + direction;
8 //find the datafile direction object and loop through all it's bitmaps
9 m_direction = find_datafile_object( animation, finalPath.c_str() );
10 if(m_direction != NULL)
11 {
12 for(i=0;m_direction<i>.type != DAT_END;i++)
13 {
14 temp = (BITMAP*)m_direction<i>.dat;
15 m_frame.push_back( temp );
16 }
17 }

temp = (BITMAP*)m_direction(i).dat; is not a bitmap. The width and height are not what the bitmap w and h are. I think I'm missing something.


Check the type of the object before casting. It is possible you have some object that is not a bitmap, or that it is using a wide search instead of a deep search.


m_direction(i).type is type DAT_FILE, but I don't understand why. m_direction should be the datafile, where m_direction(i).dat should be the first bitmap inside this nested datafile.


        finalPath = get_datafile_property(m_direction,

That comes back with WEST, which is the right datafile. hmmm

        finalPath = get_datafile_property((DATAFILE*)m_direction<i>.dat,

Gives me the name of the first bitmap. But yet when I do:

temp = (BITMAP*)m_direction<i>.dat;

the width is like 21963458, where the real image width is 128


for(i=0;m_direction<i>.type != DAT_END;i++)

That is looping through the outer datafile. It's looping through each direction datafile, not inside the direction datafile. I know this cause if I start to load the last direction in the datafile it iterates once and exits loop, and if I start at the first direction it loops however many direction there are. Since m_direction is the direction datafile, I need to loop through that datafile.

    --Stand.dat  "STAND"
        -West.dat   "WEST"    (=m_direction)

So if West.dat is m_direction wouldn't m_direction(i).dat be 00.bmp?

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