Future of Allegro
Peter Wang

After some deliberation, the people on the Allegro 5 discussion list have decided that Allegro 5 is not worth pursuing. Hence, it has been scrapped. Not that it really took off anyway, so nothing much was lost.

However, there has been some discussion about Allegro 4 on the developers list, too. Unfortunately, it looks like 4.0.3 will be the final release ever. Sad, but true.

Note that there are plenty of alternatives around, and the source code is available so anyone who feels up to it can take over maintenance, if they so wish.

So long Allegators. See you over at www.libsdl.org.


Î want to add that I'm a girl.


Yes, yes we already know. Your thirty-nine hundred some odd posts already gave this away.

Thomas Fjellstrom

Yes, I'd like to announce that I'm giving up on Linux and Perl to go to Windows and VB.Net.


No surprise there TF, considering your comments just a few days ago:

Thomas said:

that is Linux's fault... I've had my fun with crashing Linux as well!

Steve Terry

Huh... I missed something major here.....


The date, maybe?


See now, if people had listened to me when I said the API was already perfect, you guys wouldn't have wasted time on this wild goose chase ::)

(waits for his post to get edited)


Oh my, so we won't get 5d graphics and mind control? :(


Ive been using SDL the whole time anyway. BWAAHAHAHAHH!


the people on the Allegro 5 discussion list have decided that Allegro 5 is not worth pursuing.

Peter neglected to mention the reason for this decision. In fact, this decision was taken because I assumed control of the development of Allegro. I have always been unhappy with the direction Allegro was taking, so I took over and fired all the other open-source developers working on it. Henceforth, the former game programming library shall be known as Bobllegro.

Bruce Perry

We should let that EGreg guy from #allegro take over. Then it can be Allegregro.

I should also like to announce that I'm not going to finish my SEKRIT PROJACT. It's so nearly finished, but there's one sound effect I'm having trouble creating, and it's just not worth the effort. I may do an unfinished release at some point, but don't hold your breath.

Steve Terry

Bruce: I'm dumb!...

Damn time zone change.. it wasn't the first here when I posted that, otherwise I would of known. I feel stupid now...

spellcaster said:

Î want to add that I'm a girl.

No i'm sorry, there isn't time.


(yes, thats monty python)

23 said:

(waits for his post to get edited)

what? your still into the transformer porn? ;)


Bruce Perry

Remember The Allegro 5 thread from 1 April last year? 23 kept trying to spoil the joke, so his posts were edited back and forth by him and Matthew, until Matthew got fed up and removed his editing rights. I have some rather interesting IRC logs from that era, but I shan't post them. Mainly because I'm hungry. Mmm. I like cheese. And bread.

Paul Pridham

Bob: What's the ETA on a Bobllegro beta release? Can't wait!


Mmmmm pie...
Now that 5 has been scraped, I'm going to fork off Allegro Development and make an all pie version. Pie Pie Pie Pie.

Pie-llgro version 1.0 coming soon ;D


Oh my goodness, that's great, I never looked at the LZip page last year.... I'm dumb!....


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