Gemix Beta on upload !
MinDarK O_o

Hi, i've made a little puzzle game.
It's not so good as Warcraft III for now, but it is only a begginning :)

So, my project is queued for now on the depot, but you could find it here : [url]

Thxs to try it, and reporting me bugs..

btw, thxs to read my webpage, and report me all mistakes or nonsense phrases (I'm not english, but i'd like to make my games Internationals ! ;))


I tried it. It gave me an error message: "Video error : Unable to find a suitable graphics driverDatafile error : Unable to find a suitable graphics driver" Then it crashed.

Windows XP, Geforce 4.


Looks kewl! A few notes though:

  • write a readme file so people will know what they have to do

  • use the -mwindows flag when compiling - this will get rid of the DOS box

  • don't use the default font for the score - it looks ugly

  • try to set different color depths (15 v 16 and 24 v 32) and graphics drivers (fullscreen v windowed) in case one is not supported - this will most probably fix te problem Trumgottist had

  • make a menu screen with some options, high scores, rules etc.


Hey, this is Alchemy from popcapgames :) I love this game.

William Sams

Everytime I run it I get Error: unsuitable color depth. Then it crashes.

Win 98, GeForce 2 MX 400.

MinDarK O_o

Ok, thanks for all your advices..

For the graph mode error, it must be fixed now (I'm going to upload new version..)

For the readme file, menu, etc.. I planned to do that, but it was just a beta, essentially to know if it worked on others computers (2 of my friend got the graph mode error, and i was little afrayed ;))

So, There will be better graphics, sounds, menu, maybe a tutorial in the finished version :)

btw, you already have this game in US ? I thought it was a french game (I used to play it on zonejeux before recoding it..).

Anyway, thxs to all, I'll let you know when it's finished ! ;)


Right here. I'm sure many of us have played it. They now have an offline version you can play with nice nifty music and all that jazz. Nice site. Some fun games.

Anyways, good job on the remake. It's true to the original game! I can't spot anything wrong with it.

Frodo Baggins

Why does it open a prompt in the background?

MinDarK O_o

Coz I dont compile with the correct flag for that..

I'll do it, but I'll do it next week, got a lot of Java exercices to do... :'(

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