New Puzzle Game Demo :)

Hey everyone. I've got a little demo of a game I wrote in just about a day. It isn't finished just yet. I still need to add bunches of stuff to make it a lot harder, and more interesting. t's loosly based off a Macintosh game I once played that I can no longer remember the name to. I just wanted anyone willing to give it a try and tell me what they think and what they like/dislike about it. Also, what kind of features would you like? FPS (:-D)?

Here's some eye candy for you folk that need to see a game before downloading it.
img1 img2 img3 img4

And here is the download - 475k (windows only). I haven't added it to the depot do to the fact that it hasn't a real name yet.

If you're interested in learning a little more about what kind of puzzle game it is, read below. Taken from the website


"Puzzle Game" is a simple puzzle game based roughly off of a Macintosh game which I can no longer remember. Kudos to that game. Anyways, it will be a simple block creation/destruction game where you must move the character from point a to point b. Obviously there will be annoying obstacles in the way. Right now the game is only in test mode. Here's part of the description from the readme file included in the test version download:

"In this puzzle game you control a little character I have made up called Zep. Zep walks around on the basic tiles. You can only move one tile per each keypress, but feel free to hold down in any direction and you will keep walking.

The object of the game is to get Zep to the tile on the map which is a very ugly color burst of blue and yellow. This is not so easy, however. Zep can't jump, and can't climb on his own. In order to get around obstacles Zep must use the "energy" of the land around him to build blocks. Zep also has the power to break down boxes he has created."

Have fun! :)


Beat it ;) Not too hard, but cool, and well done 8-) About 50 - 55 fps. I'd be interested in seeing a complex level; the gameplay seems a bit basic ....

Thomas Fjellstrom

wow... I just fell off the bottom of the screen on level 2, and well... I was walking on the bottom of the screen, I got to the space right of the hole above, I fell off the screen.. but the level was still going...

(I was getting > 150 fps :))


Weird. you were walking along the bottom of the screen? Could you explain a little more in detail what was going on?
I went ahead and tried this, and apparantly it happens no matter what. It has to deal with checking for values outside of the array not being equal to -1. Well, I'll have to fix this little bug. I thought it was only in the bottom right corner, but I guess not. It shall be fixed later tomorrow (actually today, it's 1:05 here).

And chris:
I know it's very easy right now. I am planning on making floor tiles in which you can only build in one direction - to limit the amount of power you have and to make the levels a little harder. I am also thinking about making a limit as to how many blocks you can just leave sitting around on the floor. There will also be some kind of teleporting system where you drop in one and fall out somewhere else. Evil tiles that kill you when you step on them, etc.

This is just a little demo I wrote in one day. How much do you expect! ;D

Any other features I haven't mentioned that you might like to see? I don't even know how much further this little side-project will go, but it's nice to finally release something playable.

Thomas Fjellstrom

um... I fell off the 'land', stoped so I was standing on the bottom, so I walked left, still standing on the bottom, then I walked right to just after the 'hole' above, and fell further, but the level still didnt end...

hang on I'll go try it again :)

It seems that the bottom auto wraps to the top :) except the tiles are shifted one over ;) so that place I fell further on the right, I was able to press UP and SPACE to create a block! I popped back up :) and a block appeared in the space at the top of the screen ;)


That's the weirdness of the end of an array for you. It crashes if you go into the negative space of the array, why doesn't it crash when you pass its positive bounds I don't know.

Either way, that will be fixed, and when you hit the bottom you will keep falling and the level will restart. :)

Thomas Fjellstrom

It crashes if you go into the negative space of the array, why doesn't it crash when you pass its positive bounds I don't know.

Thats the weirdness of windows ;)

The games a bit simple :) but Good, you able to add levels to it easily? like new maps? ;)


New maps is really easy. I've got an editor for that, of course :) Simple as any other tile game editor, you just place stuff and save, then run.

Thomas Fjellstrom

cool. :)

Member #12

From the screenshots and description, I belive you are basing yourself on Lode Runner, make a Google search for that. It will probably find one version written by Sierra, very nice and well done, though it's not very good by today's expectations about 3d flashes and whatever else.


It's not Lode Runner. I do remember that game. In lode runner, you can burn the ground and make it disappear, not build blocks to walk over empty spaces. Also, this game doesn't include collecting items, which I may just add. I'll ponder about that.

I know it's not based off Lode Runner. It's based off a shareware/freeware game, made by an independent programmer/developer. :)

Troy D Patterson

Hey this game is pretty cute... Keep up to good work dude.


One problem is that On the third level you start next to an hole. I dropped a block in the hole and got stuck. I moved ontop of the block and I needed to face the block to remove it, but if I turned around I moved back on top of it.

Member #12

Ah, so you create blocks. Then it reminds me of Solomon's key. Cool game, I remember enjoying it with my friend on his 4Hz CGA computer. Woah, 2 bit color depth, those were flashy graphics...


- If you need to turn around wihout moving over just hold up or down and then hit left or right.

Didn't I say that in the readme? I should check. If it doesn't I'll need to let the users know that this is the trick to turn around in place. :)


Is the game open source? Id realy like to see how you structure it :).

I cant seem to fnd an opensource platform game writen with the allegro lib. So go on if you werent planing it or port it to Linux at least ;)


It will be opensource once it's completed - like my other games PushPush and SpaceyShooter. This game uses some more advanced stuff than my older two games did - and just has some better code. It's still a little clunky, but oh well. To answer your question - it will be open source when I decide it's got enough cool stuff with it. I'll also release the level editor (which is very simple to use)

Pyroboy, did you happen to have any specific questions on how it is structured? I don't mind revealing the info here, or by mail, or whatever... :)

If you're still reading this old thread and want to reply, well then - you should probably head over to this new thread. A new demo is out and yadda-yadda-yadda. Don't post here because I'd rather not have 2 simultaneous threads.


Hi, lovely game and like the lettel alien ;D
but it will not play no on my laptop becouse it is a qwert keyboard i think, sorry, can you fix it? Love love to play more :) tx;D

Matthew Leverton
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