Dlls you must have to run a Allegro program.....

What are the dlls you must have to run a Allegro program? I want to send a cd of a little game I made to my friend but im pretty sure it wont run unless he has certain Dlls can someone tell me what they are?


If you are using WIP (the windows version of allegro) you must have some kind of DLL, probably called something_39yadyada.dll or something... If you are using Allegro 3.12 or lower though (DOS version) you don't need any DLLs.


NightSonic: you need to distribute the Allegro DLL to those whom you give your program to (The Allegro DLL contians all of teh Allegro code). The DLL version should match the one you compiled your program with. So if you're using Allegro 3.9.35, then you must distribute all3935.dll (or ald3935.dll for the debug version).
Otherwise, Allegro simply requires that DirectX 3 (or later) be installed.


Thanks a lot for you hope.

Dora D

Uh... what's this alleg*.dll -- when I run any allegro prog I never can get any of the windows gfx drivers to work -- NONE OF THEM! Since I've never heard of this alleg*.dll, this may have something to do with my prob, so how do I get it?


The dll is made when you compile Allegro, and when you type make install it's copies to your system folder (Normally C:\Windows\System).


You can also compile your game with a static link library instead of the dynamic link library. That way the only thing you'll need to distribute is the .exe file and the data files(graphics, sounds, etc).
For information check out this tutorial:

Dora D

k... I found the DLL file. When I give my game to somebody who doesn't have Allegro etc, does the DLL have to be installed to \windows\system? Or can it just be in the same dir as the other game files?


It can be in the game directory, but one point with the dll is that if several Allegro games are installed on the same system they can share the dll and reduce disk space if it's located in /windows/system
But if you put it there, it's nice to remove it with an uninstallation program so you don't leave it behind if the user removes your program.


I think people should distribute the DLL in their program directories! I had many problems when having the Allegro DLL in win/system because of incompatibilities with the CVS versions!
We don't have 200MB hard-drives anymore and the Allegro DLL is only ~500KB, even smaller when you compress it with UPX!

Dora D

Another thing about putting it in \windows\system is this:
When I installed "Dark Soul" it screwed up my original alleg3934.dll that was in the win sys dir. It had bits missing and was infact only about 200k... the usual alleg3934.dll being about 500k. So, I compiled a prog the other day, and it complained that it couldn't find link for set_volume_per_voice... so I had to re-copy alleg3934.dll from the allegro dir to the win sys dir... which really p'd me off!

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