what language is this?
Jason Heim

hey all,
a buddy of mine found this page:
but we have no idea what it says. it looks like a comparison of the old & new versions of my game. can anyone here translate it?
thanks in advance,

Jason Heim

i mean this site:

Ben Downey

Well...I don't know how to translate it, but I'm guessing it's Swedish. (.SE extension=Sweden).
I tried AltaVista's BabelFish, but it doesn't do Swedish.
Sorry I couldn't help more.

Jason Heim

thanks anyway... i tried various language translations through lycos/hotbot and none of that worked either.
any swedish folks around?

Thomas Grip

heheh thats swedish allright....
I don't have the time to translate it now....
maybe later if you ask nicely :-)

Jason Heim

how's this:
pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?
curse my typically american cultural ignorance...


hi all.... (yeah im swedish)


Oh BTW... if you still want it translated, here is what it says:
"When you start Spryjinx you will see a game with poor graphics. The graphics aren't improved when you actually start to play, but you forget it fast. It's the unique idea that makes you play Spryjinx.
The Game
Spryjinx is always played by two players, CPU or human players. The playing field consists of cubes that continously scrolls downwards. The players mission is to change the colors of all cubes to your own color. You do that by jumping on the cubes. Look at the screenshots to the right and you'll understand.
The graphics
The graphics aren't really so good. The resolution is low and the choice of colors can make one sick. It's better in the new Spryjinx 3D (read more further down) where you can change the resolution to 640x480. And, it's 3D.
There aren't many settings in Spryjinx, but the settings are good from the start. But there are more things to play with in Spry 3D, where you can change resolution and keyboard settings in another program.
Unfortunately there is a lack of music but you wouldn't even have noticed it anyway because of the intense gameplay. The game is smooth though, without unnecessary breaks.
One of Spryjinx major problems is that it shuts down very often, especially Spry 3D. And the sound isn't good at all. The AI is very good, though.
There are many accessories to use in the fight against the other player, like paste, bombs and magnets. Unfortunately you cannot keep this stuff for a long time.
Spryjinx isn't what it could have been but the list of qualifications can be endless. Just the idea of the game earns two points. The exceptional AI makes Spryjinx the best one player game.
Spryjinx (0,28 mb)

Download Spryjinx
Spryjinx 3D (0,92 mb)

Download Spry 3D"

Jason Heim

thanks omikron!
i'm surprised that my little game managed to reach out this far. but i suppose that's the power of the internet at work :)
i'm hoping this was written based on version 0.96, which crashed a lot more often and had a really crappy menu (and no music). nice feedback anyway though, i'll have to try to contact them to see if they've tried the latest version.
thanks again!

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