The Allegro Guide

General DOS DJGPP Compiling Allegro

Compiling for DJGPP


Before you Start

This assumes you already have DJGPP installed and working. If you have not, then go back and do that first. UnZip32 should be in your PATH, such as in the DOS directory (Any zip-compatible file utility can be substituted for UnZip.) You also need to download the Allegro source file. Make sure to download zip version, as that comes DOS ready.

The instructions assume you are familiar with basic DOS commands. They should also work just fine under a DOS box in Windows 95 or 98. If you are running any other version of Windows, you may be better off using MinGW32 instead.

Step By Step

  1. Copy the Allegro source zip file into the C:\DJGPP folder. If an 'allegro' directory already exists underneath DJGPP, then delete it or rename it to 'allegro.bak' or something similar.

  2. Unzip the Allegro file:

  3. At this point, we can begin to build the library using the makefile. You do not need to make the debugging or profiling version, but it is recommended if you plan on doing some programming. Depending on how fast your PC is, these steps may take a while.

Where to go from Here

To test that Allegro is working properly or just to learn how to use it, read one of these:


After typing 'make', I get the message that "Your DJDIR environment variable is not set correctly!".

To let your computer know where DJGPP is, you need to set the DJDIR variable. This is covered more in depth elsewhere, but you should be able to simply type: SET DJGPP=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV You also need to add DJGPP to your path (if it is not already) by typing: SET PATH=C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH%

After typing 'make', I get the message "Missing djgpp package! You need to install".

You did not install DJGPP properly - please double check that. Also, make sure that you did not accidentally set the environment variable DJDIR instead of DJGPP.

After typing 'make', I get a message about "Out of Environment Space".

You only have a set amount of memory available to set environment variables in DOS, so you need to either clear up some of your variables or reserve more space. Please read this for more information.