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Depot Games: Wizardry Legacy

Current Version: 0.5

Project Status: Demo Release

Highest Popularity: #5 during October 2010

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: larienna

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: The goal is to remake a game similar to the original Wizardry series between 1 and 5. The idea is to make a generic game engine that will be able to support multiple adventures that people on the Internet could design. The game will include a map editor to do so. I expect the game to run on windows and linux, but the code will be open source.

This project was aborted in 2004 but it's reconstruction has been started in 2012. The goal is to make the code more portable and try to make the code of the game work. The rules of the game have also being redesigned and they will be tested on paper, like a table top RPG, before being implemented as a video game. I hope that this project will finally see the end.

For those who are not familiar with the Wizardry series, it's a video game that was first released on apple 2 and was eventually released on PC as the series advanced. Wizardry 1-3,5-6 has been ported on NES or SNES and many other side series where eventually released on console like Wizardry Empire and Wizardry Gaiden.

Wizardry has been designed by a Canadian company called sir-tech, but the game happens to be very popular in Japan. So much that even today, there are many wizardry games that has been released for the Game Boy Advance, Game boy DS, and Play Station 2 that are unfortunately only available in Japanese.

The wizardry games used most a rule system that was similar to dungeons and dragons. But the primary feature of the game is the difficulty which adds tension to battles. So the player is always on the edge since a bad move could cost him the life of a character which cannot be revived that easily.


Name Comments Size Date Linux 32 (Compiled on Debian) 14,378,500 03/15/2014 9:03 AM Linux 64 (Compiled on Mint) 14,011,452 03/15/2014 9:03 AM Codeblocks Projects for all build 534,783 03/15/2014 7:46 AM Compiled on Windows XP 15,682,893 03/15/2014 9:04 AM linux debian 32 bit 14,008,866 02/02/2015 8:28 AM linux debian 64 bit 13,654,852 02/02/2015 8:27 AM Source Code (Code Blocks Project) 570,874 02/01/2015 8:36 AM Windows XP or better, 32 bit 15,252,119 02/02/2015 8:28 AM

What's New:

New version of Wizardry Legacy that focus more on game play this time. Here are the main new features:

Spells and Special attacks: Characters spells and monster special attacks has been implemented (In fact special attacks are disguised spells). Not all monsters has their special attacks input in the database, but the code behind works. Around 95% of the character spells works. What is missing is some special unique spells especially utility spells. But some utility spells like DUMAPIC, MALKAMA and LOKTOFEIT works.

Active effects: Spells required the use of active effects since it was required for enchantments. But that also means that status effects like poison and paralysed are also implemented. Unfortunately, irregular conditions are not implemented yet. This forced the need to make temple work for curing and reviving characters.

New Weapons and Item Enhancements: A new set of 12 weapons has been made, split in 6 profiencies. Classes now have profiencies that determines which weapon they can equip. All items can also have elemental property or other magical modification. There can also be a "short" and "great" variation of the basic weapons giving a huge variety of effects. Usable items are still not working.

SQL enhancement and StringFields: These are more internal upgrades. The data objects does not need any variables anymore. In fact there is a table holding all the SQl field information that will allow data object to read and write theselves from the database. This makes modification eaiser and reduce the risk of errors. The new stringfield has also been used instead of bit field. It use a 3 character code to setup a flag instead of using binary numbers. Which makes it easier to read by humans. It could help for adventure editing.

Rule Tweak: Weapons and spells now give a chance to their victim to defend them selves. It makes it easier to allow certain spells or weapon to bypass certain type of defenses. It also allow the possibility to the defender to only use half it's regular defense value. Initiative now use D10 to give an advantage to attribute modifiers. Class initiative modifier has been removed to be applied to the action instead.

I have just finished and released version 0.4 of Wizardry Legacy. here is a list of the main features, for the details look at the development info section. This release focus more on the technical aspects of the game.

Editor: You can now draw maze, save and load them.

Adventure: The new adventure system has been designed with scripts to create them.

Maze: The new structure for the maze is used allowing more capabilities with the same space. Maps are now selfdrawn when walking in the maze.

Texture: There is now a texture palettes allowing to build up various textures out of texture parts.

Event: The event system has been redesigned. Much more flexible and now include the searching command.

Party Frame: The first draft of the party frame is done. Icons needs to be added to the display which are currently missing.

Encounters: There are now predefined parties of monsters that are used for determining encounter when walking in the maze. Also includes unidentified creatures.

Datafiles: All the datafiles has been rebuilt and they are now script generated and managed differently inside the game. I also included the Digimid instrument for those who the MIDI does not work.

Anti-Aliassing: Added a picture smothing library to make creatures and maze objects less pixelised.

As you can see, there is a lot of small stuff in this release. Hope you enjoy the game. It now includes a demo adventure that can be completed. Not very challenging but if will give you a tour of the game. I gave some thoughts for designing some adventures but they are not ready yet.

- There is now a stat matrix to compile all the characters and monster stats from various equipment, attribute and class to make the characters ready for battle.

- The combat and action system works. You can now encounter a limited set of monster and fight them. Monster will fight back, so beware. Make sure you have at least a weapon before entering the maze.

- Monsters gives rewards in gold and experience and characters can now level up at the city. So in theory, the game is playable ... if you have a party of fighters.

- Translucent windows. The is now a possibility to use translucent windows in the maze to prevent having a window blocking the view. It does not work in textured mode.

This is the start of the new remake of the game after the project has been abandoned for 8 years. There is not much new features regarding game play since I had to deconstruct the game and reprogram some stuff.

- Implementation of SQLite. The game now runs on SQLite, so I made a wrapper class for the library, I converted all data objects to be compatible with the new library and I had to reprogram almost all user interfaces.

- Improvement to user interface engine: There has been minor improvements to the menu system, and there is now the distributor interface that allows players to assign their stats. Other interfaces like image selector and data list are planned to be made in future release.

- Game Simplification: The game system has been simplified in 2 different areas: First the rules of the game will be much more simple and closer to the D&D rule system. Second, the complexity of the game has been reduced. For example, you do not have user account, there is only 1 maze and 1 city per adventure, etc.

- There is not much new stuff, it is more a recompilation and repackaging to rerelease the game that was not available for a long time.
- Some little functionality has been added to the map editor, but it is really minimal.
- Since the Database is now available as a stand alone library, I decided to remove the database file and use the external library.

- Party manipulation works correctly. You can now quit a game from a maze and start back at the same position. When you party is out in a city or in a maze you cannot disband it. You need to use a special city command Retire Party to send back party in reserve. When your party is defeated. It stay lost in the maze. There will be a destroy party command to destroy lost parties you do not want to recuperate.

- Most combat features works corretly. Fight and parry command are functional and you earn reward for combat. You can also run from battles and your combat range is affected by your weapon.

- Rules has been changed again, there are now more simple and look closer to the original Wizardry ( Dungeon & Dragons ). Without losing the features I wanted.

- Class system has been implemented and adapted to the new rule system. There won't be any class creation system yet.

- This is a small version update. I have definitly destroyed the string class and replace it with char tables. I have also corrected a few bug and it now compiles better on all OS.

- Restructuration of the file system. The game datafiles are now in separates files in it's own directory to facilate changes. A series of sub directories have been made to shorten the root filelist. There is a subdir for adventure, savegame, datafile, and other. In the future, you will have to unzip with path options ( for dos users ).

- Roofless maze is now optionaly supported on the 1st level of the maze. You can now set a starting location in the maze ( other than 0, 0, 0 ). The maze width is now variable and the maximum width is extended to 100x100 instead of 50x50. Finaly, maze support seethrough wall. It use the wall Masked texture. The event information is also loaded from a database in the adventure file.

- Redesiged all Item and race information according to new rules.
Party now has a physical location and load the appropriate city. Maze can load itself from the adventure and warping from cities to cities to maze works.

- Adventure loading and registering works perfectly. Cities are generated from adventure info maze are also generated with their savevalues saved.

- The showing of the Intro Story, Ending Story and Credits works.
The structure of the adventure datafile has been defined, from now on we will be able to use the information from the adventure.

- The combat engine partialy works. Must wait implementation of rules to continue.

- Encounter Engine Partialy Work. It can select monsters from a list according to various parameters. NPC encounter and BOSS encounter does not work.

- Race creation partialy works. Special abilities are not implemented and you cannot add theses races in a new game. Exportation and importation is still missing.

-The game now support and sell accessories and expandables. The monster list will all their
stats have also been created and they will be used for combat.
- New maze texture, monster images, fonts and a few other thing has been added to the
- Game windows can now optionaly be textured or colored.
- You can now view the stats of the character's equipment and the current combat stats of
the character according to the many modifiers.
- Additional character feature like : Level up, Equiping restriction ( attribute requirement and
cursed items ) and the possibility to change the name of your character and the implementation of
fighting style.
- Some races now possess some special abilities like dark vison, natural armor and some
other have natural resistance to special health wound ( poison, desease, doom, etc ).

- A new database engine has been made
- User account and game management is now available
- All the data are saved on disk

- Maze engine has been remade from head to tail.
- Setup programm is now embeeded with the game
- The demo maze is a self explainable tutorial

0.2 - Character Creation
0.2 - Character Creation
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 8New to Allegro, but very much enjoyed the game Demo and even completed it! Party setup and equiping could be a tad more intuitive, but impressive nonetheless. Good foundation to build upon. Look forward to delving into source and maybe adding some improvements of my own for fun! Nice job Larienna!
  • 10I was born 87 and wrote my first programs on that good ole c64, I just love that game. Of course, I missed the best ( damnit, why couldn't my father hurry up :) ), but I just have a sense for that. Good work!
  • 8A lot of forthought has gone into planning the program and its gameplay, and it seems to be comeing along beutifully. The graphical interface is beutiful, as is the demo maze and sound. The player account setup is rather clunky, though, and needs some tuning. Keep up the work, I'm watching this one!
The Developer
lariennaI am a great fan of old and retro video games. I think that reviving these old antiques is a good thing for the gamers community and it allows young gamers to know what the good old days were like. (View Profile)