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Depot Games: Open Sonic

Current Version: 0.1.4

Project Status: Demo Release

Highest Popularity: #10 during September 2010

Links: Web Site, Open Surge Wiki, Open Surge Community

Category: Platform

Developers: alemart

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Open Sonic is an open-source game based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe. It introduces a different style of gameplay called cooperative play, in which it's possible to control 3 characters simultaneously. Unlike most similar games, Open Sonic provides a greater level of interaction between the player and the levels. It's more than just a jump'n'run; the user must come up with some strategy in order to get through the levels.

The latest release is 0.1.4 (September 19th, 2010). Main features:

* It's portable! No installation is required!
* Sonic-style physics (360° movement engine)
* Available in 9 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Polish, German, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian
* 2 levels + innovative items + extras
* You can create your own levels using the built-in level editor
* You can make your own custom items, enemies and bosses using our object scripting system
* MODdable capabilities
* Good performance even on old computers

It's been some time since we're replacing all the "ripped" content by original user-made resources. Things are moving forward, but there is still some work to do. We need more contributors.

0.1.4 is the last release of Open Sonic. The next version will be Open Surge 0.2.0, a free game inspired in the classic Sonic gameplay featuring nothing but original user-made free (as in freedom) resources: graphics, characters, sound effects, musics, plot, etc. A new physics system is planned for the next version as well.

In order to know more about the free project called Open Surge, please visit our website. We're looking for contributors. There's plenty of information on how you can help.

Visit us on the web:


Name Comments Size Date
opensnc-linux-0.1.4.tar.gz Linux binaries 12,092,258 09/19/2010 3:24 PM
opensnc-src-0.1.4.tar.gz Source code 10,525,059 09/19/2010 3:30 PM Windows binaries 12,447,389 09/19/2010 3:23 PM

What's New:

* Object scripting system: users are now able to create custom items, enemies and bosses
* Refactored the built-in item system and implemented MANY new items as well
* New translations: Dutch, Indonesian, Italian. Dropped the Spanish translation
* New shields: fire shield, water shield, thunder shield, wind shield, acid shield
* New user-made songs: title screen, boss, invincibility, Blue Ocean, Exotic Paradise
* New user-made sound effects: jump, shields, springs, checkpoint orb, spikes and a few others
* New user-made graphics: item boxes, shields, spring pads, DNA doors, bumpers and a few others
* Refactored the background system. Now, it's also possible to create foregrounds
* Refactored the audio system. Dropped .mod/.it/.xm/.s3m support (use .ogg for musics instead)
* Upgraded to Allegro 4.4. Added .jpg image support
* Lots of other refactorings at the core of the engine
* Bugfixes and other optimizations

* Tails has gained a new move: now he is able to pick up the other characters and carry them around
* Improved the level editor (it includes a bigger work area and new buttons)
* New level editor feature: grids
* New level editor feature: groups. You can now easily place groups of objects in your level. Useful to make loops and other common structures
* New level editor features: undo and redo
* New translations: German, Polish, Czech
* New songs: options screen and stage cleared
* New screen: options screen
* Removed the launcher program
* Improved the joystick programming. Just plug your joypad before starting the game and start playing!
* New icon
* New engine feature: bricks have a z-index property. Now it's possible to design background/foreground bricks
* New engine feature: clouds. Clouds are types of bricks also known as "one-way platforms"
* Implemented jump sensitivity and spindash through multiple boxes
* Centered Tails' sprites when jumping
* Improved the GUI/HUD
* New level: Chilpoctli Temple Zone (user-made graphics - thanks, Celdecea!)
* New level: Template (user-made graphics)
* Custom quests may be launched via command line using the --quest option (see opensonic --help)
* Removed the Master Quest
* New quests: Extra levels, Super Bosses
* Updated the docs
* Code improvements
* Bugfixes and lots of small changes

* Improved physics
* Multi-Language support (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish)
* Joystick support
* OGG music support
* New original songs by Di Rodrigues: Title Screen and Extra Life
* English and Portuguese translations by Alexandre Martins
* Spanish translation by Lainz
* French translation by Arthur Blot
* MacOS support is now experimental
* Dreamcast port by Neoblast
* New command-line option: --color-depth and new 256-color mode
* New command-line option: --low-memory, used to reduce memory usage (slow hardware) - useful to port the game to other platforms
* Knuckles can break walls just by touching them (spindash isn't needed anymore)
* New original sprites by Celdecea (checkpoint orb, spring pads and ring shields)
* Some graphics were improved by Lainz
* New fonts
* If the ESC key is pressed while playing, a confirmation box is shown
* Improved the compiling process
* New credits screen
* Updated the docs
* Updated the launcher
* Improved the wordwrap routines
* Bugfixes and some small changes

* Better friction and gravity
* The teleporters now work only once
* Improved the slopes
* Updated the launcher
* Updated the docs
* Linux users can now save/load data (levels, quests, images, etc.) to/from $HOME/.opensonic/ (please see the docs for more information)
* Linux users can now use the "make install" command (only when using the source package - please see the docs)
* New level editor command: change spawn point
* Bugfixes

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 10.0
  • 10I was surprised by just how great this game is. I'd wager to say the quality is on par with that of the original Sonic games. The controls are near identical to the originals (the only major difference I noticed was that Knuckles takes a while to stand up after flying then landing).
The Developer
alemart (View Profile)