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Depot Games: Nilorea

Current Version: 6.3

Project Status: Abandoned

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: GullRaDriel

Number of Players: 8 (Game Server)

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: (2007 EDIT: As the project is abandonned, I release the latest working source code. Warning, that's just for opensource sake, the code is a total mess.)

Nilorea is a French MMORPG game. It uses Allegro , AllegroGL , Socket, Pthread.

I hope I'll finish it near the end of 2006, and that it'll be cross-compilable. (2007 EDIT: This project will remain unfinished.)

I'm the only coding men of the team. The graphics, sounds, ..., are other team men making.

We were complete team but now there are only 2 active members who are the GFX man & myself.

Thanks for all to support us, it's one of the only full free French MMORPG project who already live.

PS: it is coded with allegro ... because i got no reason except that i like it ;)


Name Comments Size Date
Client.7z Source for the client 21,318 06/18/2007 8:06 AM
Library.7z Library used by both client and server 30,033 06/18/2007 8:26 AM
Serveur.7z Server's source 6,910 06/18/2007 8:27 AM

What's New:

As the project is too big for a lonesome developer, the project is abandoned.

We are currently continuing the engine development because we have a new project, less bigger, which plan to use the engine that have been developed with this project. News soon.

A deadline has been choosen for a beta version to come out. We will decide in the first day of october if the release was a success or a failure.

I (the main&only programmer & co-starter of the project) will have all my september free of work. I want to do something because I do not like loosing my time.

Redsun ( GFX & Co-Starter of the project) and I are OK with all who said that we took too much time between release, and those who said that Nilorea is like a dead project.

We will try our best during the whole september month .

We will be asking for some test reviews.

We hope you will help us testing what we will have do.

Nilorea will live !

Gull & Redsun

Release soon... (13-12-2005 )

Project is in good way, i'm killing all my code to use it in a different way, adding ogg vorbis, manage account.

New update isn't already decided, and no server since no new version.

Beta version is currently in work.
Network buffer have been changed to dynamic buffer using linked_lists
Moving is now server-job
Account will be available in a few moment

And a lots of other thing listed in the What's new.txt

New version will be downloadable at February, 26 of 2005, just at time for be ready at

1.0 e
This will be the new start for nilorea.

All the team will be crushed in less than 3 month.

I 'll open a new webdev-page and continue the project, even if i'm lonesome.

Keep informed if you want, just email me for an answer.

This version is in hard work just now, debugging a lot, killing unused code and preparing to getting upgraded.

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The Developer
GullRaDrielI am French, speaking bad English, making a modest living writing code, and coding some games. A normal man, somewhat not ;) (View Profile)