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Depot Games: NetHulk

Current Version: 1.63

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #12 during July 2010

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: amber

Number of Players: 2 (Direct IP (LAN/Internet))


Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: NetHulk is a turn-based network game for Windows (tested under XP, and 98 when I still had a 98 computer... it will likely work on other Windows OSes) that plays similarly to the old Space Hulk board game plus its expansions, from Games Workshop. It features 8 missions from Space Hulk, including the original 6, plus custom missions. Your own missions can be added, as well. There is no editor, but any paint program will pass as one.

Marines explore a derelict spaceship, attempting to complete various mission objectives. The Aliens, on the other hand, have but one mission objective: kill, kill, kill. Of course, if that's not enough fun, five other factions join the fray.


Name Comments Size Date 3,996,595 07/12/2010 2:34 PM

What's New:

Fixed - Incorrect point cost for melee rogue
Added - Rogues now swappable in some missions
Added - Valkyrie Assassin can lie in wait
Added - Slightly tweaked overpowered Valkryie shapeshifter

Fixed - Bug preventing teleportation around a frozen unit
Fixed - Problem with queued interrupts
Fixed - Bug with flame explosions not properly replacing flames in the target area
Fixed - More Valkyrie tweaks
Added - Rogues! A mini-faction of space scum
Added - You can now middle-click or shift-click to get unit info
Added - New "Elite" Invader types
Added - Invader vs Alien mission
Added - Ability to trade off control of aliens as a "wildcard" factor
Added - Flames that don't attack enemies can now be undone

Fixed - Broken interrupts when you could move+shoot
Fixed - A bunch of Invader spawn issues
Fixed - Tweaks to Valkyries
Fixed - Doors will no longer obscure icons
Fixed - UI errors in psi-combat
Fixed - Ancient regeneration glitches
Fixed - Revised "Shootout" map to avoid weird LOS situations
Fixed - Map tweaks
Added - End of mission stats screen
Added - More new high-powered Valkyries!
Added - New Marine graphics!
Added - Orks can now loot weapons off of dead bodies
Added - New alien blip modes (Psi, Rng)
Added - New maps
Added - Can now choose marine chapter; press F12 during unit placement
Added - Change Valkyries' appearance with F9-F12 as well
Added - UI enhancements to make information clearer

Added - Invaders! A card based faction
Added - Valkyrie Holy Circle for Palace missions
Added - New expanded Ork weapons
Fixed - Standardized "netted" graphic to be simpler and cleaner
Fixed - Tweaked a few Valkyrie attacks
Fixed - Tweaked Wake Aliens map
Fixed - Minor psychic power bugs
Fixed - Improved Hunter Illusionist and fixed some glitches

Fixed - small positioning error in clicking the minimap
Fixed - blips can no longer reveal into smoke
Fixed - visual error on destroyed holo
Fixed - internal messiness
Fixed - a bit of display ugliness on high-end machines

Fixed - small bugs with flamer reloads
Fixed - enemies being assailed no longer take an overwatch shot
Fixed - revised ambush blip rules: they can now enter LOS
Fixed - made Mission 3 playable with Valkryies
Fixed - tweaked grenadier cost and made reload optional
Added - new map: Wake Aliens
Added - indication for no-flame areas
Added - new indicator for ambush blips
Added - new indicator for attack bonuses
Added - units that are about to unfreeze will blink

Fixed - units shot with double pistol got overwatch shot
Fixed - added 10 default pts to "Secure" mission for balance
Added - new alien blip mode- Max, with new alien types!
Added - more "supernatural" look for hellfire
Added - Ancients that will regenerate are more clearly shown
Added - bigger guns now sound a bit heftier than pistols
Added - can get additional reloads for flamers etc.
Added - new map: Shootout
Added - new map: Nest
Added - undo will now work even if you select a new unit
Added - move mode is on by default when selecting a new unit
Added - minimap is now clickable

Fixed - made Tomb Ch Mission not so hard for Chaos
Fixed - Phase no longer stops lightning
Fixed - targeting problems with interruptions/free shots
Fixed - some other minor errors in victory conditions
Added - new icons for psychics
Added - direct attack against psychics for anti-psi units

Fixed - problem with "door control" psychic ability
Fixed - rare bugs caused by executing commands very fast
Fixed - bug with victory conditions for ancients
Fixed - occasional problem with regeneration
Fixed - various graphical glitches

Fixed - a crash when shooting at doors
Fixed - some LOS glitches
Fixed - Mission 1A can now be won
Fixed - tweaks to valkyrie side
Added - two new valkyries

Fixed - some minor but annoying sync problems with psi powers
Fixed - some even more annoying sync problems with Ancients
Fixed - reporting the wrong version number leading to weird problems

Fixed - some small graphical glitches
Fixed - a missile launcher marine that kills himself will now end the barrage
Fixed - blips revealing into impossible places
Added - Ancients!
Added - new maps, including maps that use new races as blips
Added - new Imperial Palace tileset and Emperor unit
Added - new hunter: dishonored
Added - made server control panel nicer to use
Added - allowed Marines and Valkyries to be switched in any mission
Added - a bit of hack to fix overwatch turn+fire situations for "fast" units

Fixed - some bad/unbalanced/un-fun missions removed or amended
Fixed - made squad selection nicer to use
Fixed - ugly bugs with psychic combat
Fixed - more hunter tweaks
Added - smoke grenades
Added - new marine: knight
Added - new valkyrie: assassin
Added - new hunter: disc launcher (more separation from netgun)
Added - some new maps
Added - some variety to map tiles
Added - new look for Chaos -- no longer just a palette swap

Fixed - balanced some hunter attacks
Fixed - tweaked hunter point costs
Fixed - tweaked hunters' dash
Fixed - tweaked grenade hit odds
Fixed - many glitches when requesting an interrupt
Fixed - errors in spawning locations
Fixed - error in hellfire duration introduced in 1.45
Added - Valkyries!
Added - new marine class -- missile launcher
Added - 2 new hunter classes
Added - new hunter mission
Added - indicator to multi-AP attacks
Added - new psychic attack and defense
Added - much more help for new/inexperienced players

Fixed - a nasty bug requiring "End Turn" twice

Fixed - a glitch when trying to close a door
Fixed - a lot of ugliness in the network code
Fixed - glitches in psychic powers
Added - evidence of past battles ;)

Fixed - more interrupt glitches (sigh)
Fixed - strange LOS anomalies
Fixed - diagonal move out of fire now possible
Fixed - nullfield now blocks use of aura

Fixed - a few annoying CP interrupt glitches
Fixed - error causing blips near enemies to get AP
Fixed - bugs with flamer range
Fixed - minor teleportation glitches
Fixed - spacebar no longer causes an interrupt when typing
Added - interrupts can be queued making them easier to use
Added - new Marine vs Marine map

Fixed - tweaked the Hunters' dash and some AP costs
Fixed - tweaked the Orks' weapon odds
Fixed - UI refinements
Fixed - fixed some glitches with clipping
Fixed - tweaked minigun's full auto mode
Added - last server is now remembered
Added - Hunter nets can now drag a character around in the net

Fixed - rules errors in the flaming system
Fixed - rules errors regarding blips
Fixed - miscellaneous tweaks
Fixed - redid a rather dull skirmish map
Fixed - some logic errors in CP interruptions
Added - Orks!

Fixed - errors with close combat odds
Fixed - bugged grenade ranges
Fixed - tweaked the acid sprayer
Fixed - made GUI much more usable
Fixed - numerous other bugs
Added - 1st Edition style CP Interrupts
Added - Hunters!
Added - Psychic Powers!
Added - new interface for editing Marine forces
Added - maps for the hunters to hunt on
Added - all kinds of other good stuff

Fixed - a stupid glitch with spawning I'm surprised nobody noticed

Fixed - a unit that kills itself will be deselected
Fixed - various holes in the protocol that could be exploited by jerks
Fixed - gameplay and GUI tweaks
Added - multi-line chat

Fixed - various things that were hardcoded that shouldn't be
Fixed - major bugs in overwatch handling
Fixed - tweaked play balance regarding points
Added - Chaos Marines!
Added - Three new Aliens!
Added - a new map for marine vs marine combat
Added - a new hive map
Added - more control over the upgrade points system
Added - option for many weapons to be able to put out flames
Added - new direct attack method for acid sprayer
Added - some aliens can now overwatch-- it makes much more sense now

Fixed - minor glitches in network protocol
Added - server can now set up the game before a client joins
Added - ability to play in a window
Added - mission descriptions now shown in-game
Added - INI file (ability to customize game)
Added - a less ugly (maybe) icon :P

Fixed - tuned some game balance issues
Fixed - a blip made visible by a grenade might not be revealed
Fixed - involuntary conversion works better now
Added - weapon indicator lights up when you have a 0 AP shot available

Fixed - some balance issues regarding hive maps
Fixed - some balance issues with acid spraying aliens
Fixed - some mouse-over highlighting bugs
Fixed - overwatch fire didn't happen after an acid sprayer shot
Added - acid puddles in hive
Added - another hive map

Fixed - bug in Mission 5
Fixed - claw marine range showing up improperly
Fixed - grenade firing did not remove overwatch
Fixed - small bugs in the network protocol
Added - hive map with new features enabled
Added - new alien feature -- ambush blips

Fixed - bug in Mission 7
Fixed - a couple of undo bugs
Fixed - tuned some game balance issues
Fixed - bugs regarding facing in melee attacks
Added - ability to mouse-over a unit and get info about it
Added - new skirmish maps
Added - 1 new marine class -- staff weapon

Fixed - some bugs related to blips and visibility
Fixed - glitches in particle system animations
Fixed - a blip in motion could open a door and reveal itself
Fixed - aliens moving too fast could avoid overwatch shots
Fixed - ugly map errors in Mission 4
Fixed - Mission 6 is actually winnable by the Marines now
Fixed - changing facing then opening a door is now undoable
Fixed - sometimes a marine dying on overwatch would still shoot
Fixed - buggy exits have been fixed (hopefully)
Added - 4 new marine classes -- miniguns, grenades, shields, and claws!
Added - 3 new alien types -- aliens with guns!

Fixed - LOS algorithm is better now
Added - sound effects!
Added - hotseat mode of play
Added - support for custom missions (though no editor yet)
Added - undo buffer now has unlimited length
Added - two more missions

- Fixed - overwatch now turns off after a marine wins a melee
- Fixed - loss of overwatch was sometimes not being sent over the network
- Added - choose which marine to place from an order of battle
- Added - flamethrower now highlights valid target squares
- Added - pending kills are dimmed

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.5
  • 10A faithful adaptation/clone of the Space Hulk board game, complete with a bunch of value-add features, like flawless netplay and an excellent particle system. If you enjoy light strategic board games, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. Just make sure you read the directions.
  • 7Maybe a little Warhammer 40k influence here? Not sure. The gameplay seems resonably entertaining, but the LAN/Internet abilites are what really make this game stick out.
The Developer
amberI enjoy writing, music composing, fantasy, sci-fi, and, in general, creative pursuits, so I guess it is my desire to find new ways to express myself creatively that led me to start making games. (View Profile)