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Depot Games: EOF

Current Version: 1.71

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #7 during January 2011

Links: Web Site, Frets On Fire

Category: Other

Developers: Todd Cope

Ports: OS X, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: EOF is a song editor for the game Frets On Fire. The aim of EOF is to provide a simple process with which to create songs for Frets On Fire. Just provide an OGG file and spend a little time designing note charts and EOF will save in the appropriate format for use with Frets On Fire. No additional steps or conversions necessary!


Name Comments Size Date
eof-1.71-linux.tar.gz Linux Source and Binaries 3,752,769 01/18/2011 7:20 PM
eof-1.71-macosx.dmg Mac OS X Binaries 5,109,075 08/13/2011 10:53 PM Windows Binaries 5,468,303 01/18/2011 7:19 PM

What's New:

Fixed a crash in the Paste From function.

Fixed the lyric padding logic by ensuring the events were sorted before processing lyric phrase padding.

Fixed a bug in the grid snap logic that would crash on charts that were less than 3 beats long or so.

Added a lyric padding loop to add padding to vocal percussion phrases.

Fixed a build issue with FoFLC's MinGW makefile.

Fixed an issue where "crazy" notes were allowed to lap notes in the same lane.

Disabled the loading of scores during MIDI import to avoid writing a corrupted song.ini during save.

Fixed a crash that could occur when using Paste From.

Star Power drum notes are now rendered in silver in the 3D preview window.

Corrects the tracking of star power phrases during lyric import.

Fixed HOPO display in the 3D panel to respect the selected HOPO preview mode.

Added the ability to mark pro drum notation, used by Rock Band 2 (for drummer animations) and Rock Band 3 (for pro drum mode).

Fixed an issue where forced HOPO on/off notes were saved to MIDI incorrectly.

Added Leading Silence option to Song menu. This can be used to add silence to the beginning of the loaded OGG.

Fixed an issue where notes' statuses were not kept when they were auto-adjusted.

Added time signature support. Time signatures will not be written to the MIDI during save operations or loaded during MIDI/Feedback import by default, but this can be enabled in File>Preferences.

Note statuses (HOPO/Crazy/Double Bass) are now kept during copy and paste operations.

Fixed the "clean" target operation in FoFLC's makefiles.

The Album tag information is automatically added as an INI setting if it exists in the MP3 or OGG file chosen when creating a new chart.

Raised the maximum grid snap interval to 64.

Added support for marking Expert bass drum notes as Expert+ notes, which will appear in Phase Shift as Expert+ bass notes instead of Expert bass notes. An expert+.mid file will also be written during save if any Expert+ notes exist, for use in FoF.

Improved the MIDI import to be more efficient and to prepare for more comprehensive time signature support.

Updated to version 2.35 of FoFLC.

Made improvements to documentation and makefiles.

Made improvements to MIDI export: offers to correct pitchless lyrics, warns if lyrics are outside phrase markers, corrects MIDI event order, adds padding for lyric phrases (to work around bugs in FoFiX) and enforces a length of 1ms for drum notes (to work around bugs in FoFiX).

Corrected preview of pitch shifts and added the display of vocal slides in the editor window.

Improved Feedback import by allowing it to load the defined audio file (even an MP3), fixing a desync issue and fixing an issue where the chart's song folder wasn't updated after an import.

Added support for charting vocal percussion notes by using the Backspace key. New audio samples can be assigned to sound for vocal percussion from the Song>Audio cues menu item.

Made various optimizations to graphics, audio, save and input logic.

Added support for Rock Band Audition chart import (MIDI data only).

Added support for opening .chart files (Feedback import), rba files (RBA import) and OGG/MP3 files (New chart) via command line.

Added the ability to render a waveform graph of the currently loaded OGG.

Added a new zoom level (1/1).

Added the labeling of measure numbers next to the beat markers.

Added volume slider controls for the chart volume and each audio cue.

Corrected the controller button defaults and conflict detection.

Fixed a crash that could occur during MIDI export if a MIDI was imported and was longer than the audio file that was selected.

Fixed a crash that could occur when canceling MIDI import.

Fixed a crash that could occur parsing song.ini during MIDI import.

Fixed an issue where some second markers might not be rendered in certain zoom levels in certain conditions.

Fixed an issue where a key+Spacebar combination could leak input into PART DRUMS to add notes when playback is started.

Fixed an issue where playback would lose sync if the left arrow or Home keys were used to seek to the beginning of the chart during playback.

Fixed an issue where ] wouldn't work properly for lengthening lyrics.

Fixed an issue where using the guitar strum input mode in PART VOCALS would destroy existing lyrics.

Improved how grid snap works for time signatures other than 4/4.

Changed how the tempo map is exported to the MIDI file. The old method could cause the position of BPM changes to be slightly incorrect leading to inaccurate placement of notes in the exported MIDI.

Fixed "Toggle Crazy" function.

Improved MIDI import.

Fixed issue with MIDI import missing forced-HOPO notes when there is more than one note to a forced-HOPO phrase.

Added "Freestyle" submenu to "Note" menu. This menu has functions to change the freestyle status of selected lyrics. This can be used to quickly set a section of lyrics to freestyle.

Made a few rendering optimizations.

Updated to newest version of FoF Lyric Converter.

Made improvements to the ID3 tag reader including better line-synched lyrics support and support for reading song information from version 1 ID3 tags.

Made many UI improvements and fixes.

Updated vocal charting tutorial.

Updated manual and in-program help.

raynebc added support for reading ID3 tags from MP3 files to fill in song information automatically.

Fixed Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut issue.

Fixed '.' character not being accepted in "Change BPM" dialog box.

Fixed grid snap issue in PART VOCALS editor.

Fixed some issues with audio fine-tuning.

Fixed MP3->OGG conversion on Windows.

Added Feedback chart import.

Improved speed of MIDI import.

Changed configuration file to text-based system.

Added audio fine-tune option (only available by hand-editing the config file for now). This is useful for Linux users who have the slowed audio playback issue which plagues all Allegro 4 programs under certain conditions.

Added option to allow custom grid snap to be applied per measure instead of per beat.

Fixed bug which made newly placed notes not automatically be selected if you weren't editing PART GUITAR.

Fixed bug which made moving lyric notes behave strangely.

Made some changes to the UI.

Fixed bug which caused EOF to crash when importing a MIDI that doesn't have a tempo map.

Fixed lefty mode PART_DRUM 3D preview.

Increased maximum note length.

Added PART_VOCALS note editing. Right-click/Insert adds a note, lyric, or changes the pitch of the clicked note. Scroll wheel changes note length.

MIDI import now imports vocal notes for PART_VOCALS.

Made 3D preview area into a full keyboard when viewing PART_VOCALS. Clicking on a key will play the note. Right-clicking a key will center the piano roll on that note.

Added "Vocal Tones" option to the "Edit" menu. This allows you to hear the vocal notes as they are passed during playback. Also allows you to hear tones as you are editing. Thanks to raynebc for supplying the piano samples.

Fixed PART_VOCALS phrase marking to adhere to the Rock Band standard. EOF will now place the beginning of the phrase slightly before the first selected note and the end of the phrase slightly after the end of the last selected note.

Changed MIDI timing from 100 ticks per beat to 120. Should fix some issues with incorrect HOPOs in the exported MIDI file.

Forced HOPO options now export correctly to the MIDI file. Before I was writing a "Note On" event where a "Note Off" event should have been.

Added support for forced HOPOs to the MIDI import function.

Added ability to play a selection. Holding 'S' while starting playback will play only the time from the beginning of the first selected note to the end of the last selected note.

Added ability to play a vocal tone by hovering over the piano roll and pressing the 'P' key.

Fixed MIDI import capable of reporting a percentage of completion greater than 100%.

Added vocal tones indicator to the information panel.

Fixed bug which caused EOF to incorrectly report whether or not a difficulty setting has notes when using the keyboard shortcuts to cycle past PART_VOCALS.

PART_VOCALS no longer displays difficulty tabs as they do not apply.

Disabled "Note->Hopo" menu when viewing PART_VOCALS.

Made a few minor changes to "keys.txt."

Added "Split Lyric" function to "Note" menu. Insert spaces where you want the lyric to be split. Supports multiple splits per lyric.

Made other PART_VOCALS related changes.

Made catalog work with PART_VOCALS.

"Edit->Paste From->Catalog" is now disabled when pasting would cause some notes to be overwritten.

Slightly improved MIDI import track detection. Some MIDIs have unspecified tracks which could be imported incorrectly as PART_GUITAR.

Right-click context menu (available in RexMundi input mode only) now only available when right-clicking in the editor pane.

Added tenth-second markers to freatboard display.

Fixed crash bug in Guitar Strum input method.

Fixed "Note->Resnap" deselecting the last selected note.

Fixed importing INI files with unicode text causing data to be truncated.

Added support for mono and non-44100hz OGG playback to mixer. Now everything should stay synchronized no matter what kind of OGG is loaded (still should be 44100hz stereo to work properly in FoF).

Fixed bug which could cause EOF to crash if you cancelled loading an OGG when you loaded a chart from a directory that contained no "guitar.ogg" when another chart was already loaded.

Fixed bug which caused the beat lines to be placed incorrectly while dragging a beat after changing the position of the first beat marker or changing the MIDI offset.

Fixed issue with "Beat->Anchor."

Fixed Star Power notes not being unmarked after removing Star Power phrases.

Fixed issue with file permissions in Linux which could make it impossible to create new songs from scratch using the "Create New Folder" setting.

Fixed bug which caused beat markers to be messed up when moving anchors.

All text is now handled as UTF-8 internally.

Many changes to internal code to allow proper handling of filenames with unicode characters.

Updated fonts to include characters from 128-255. There should be fewer issues with song tags when importing MIDI files.

Fixed issue with INI settings containing '=' when importing MIDI files.

The 'T' key no longer activates the "Note->Toggle Crazy" menu item unless there are notes selected.

MIDI import now properly tags "crazy" notes.

Made OGG, claps, and metronome all mix into the same stream. It should now be impossible for the claps and metronome to become desynchronized with the music.

BPM adjustments now affect solo and star power sections.

Added new force HOPO options under the "Note" menu. These are currently not supported by FoFiX (as of 3.120 Final). These are exported using the Rock Band 2 force HOPO notation.

Lyric copy/paste now uses separate clipboard. This prevents some glitches and makes more sense given that PART_VOCALS is a different kind of track.

Fixed issue with MIDI delta times being calculated incorrectly during MIDI export. The exported "notes.mid" should be completely accurate now. This should also improve the viability of EOF as a secondary fretting tool for those who prefer other tools but need some of EOF's features.

Added new shortcut key ('G') to toggle grid snap. This replaces the old method of holding Control to disable grid snap.

Fixed glitch with Ctrl+Tab shortcut which could cause multiple tracks to be marked as selected in the menu.

Updated vorbis decoder to latest version.

Unknown INI settings are now imported as custom INI settings when importing a MIDI.

Implemented new CPU idling system (thanks Kris Asick) which does a better job giving time back to the OS. EOF should now use only what it needs to run. This feature is experimental and may be enabled by passing the command line argument "-newidle" when opening EOF.

Fixed bug in "Song->Catalog->Delete" function which could cause catalog entries to be corrupted.

Fixed potential yet highly unlikely crash bug when adding new notes.

Modified build system to support 64-bit under Linux (thanks Lystestic).

Improved solo marking.

Added PART_VOCALS editing. Now you can add lyrics to your songs.

Added new drum capabilities. Now, when you are editing PART_DRUM you can fret by playing the drums while the song is playing. Drum notes will appear at the grid snap position closest to the current playback position.

Fixed issue which made the AV Delay setting work incorrectly. You should now be able to sync up the video and audio perfectly again.

Fixed text event issue which could cause EOF to write corrupted MIDI files under certain circumstances.

Fixed issue which caused "File->Save" to fail after having used "File->Save As" to save the song.

The "Note->Toggle Crazy" command is now undoable.

Increased maximum custom grid snap interval from 15 to 31.

Fixed potential buffer overrun issues with dialog edit boxes.

A few source fixes for Mac OS X.

Other miscellaneous fixes.

In the New Project wizard, the folder name under "Create New Folder" is now properly filled out with "ARTIST - TITLE" when converting from MP3.

Fixed bug in the New Project wizard which caused the user to have to find and open "guitar.ogg" manually after the MP3 was converted.

In the New Project wizard, renamed "Use OGG Folder" to "Use Source Audio's Folder" to avoid confusion.

Fixed bug in "Song->Test In FOF" feature which made it impossible to test PART_DRUM tracks.

Fixed OGG profile bug which caused the chart elements realign themselves to the "guitar.ogg" profile even when another profile is currently loaded.

EOF now only deselects all notes when clicking in a blank area if the user is not holding Shift or Ctrl.

Keyboard buffer is now cleared before showing a dialog.

Backup file is now named after the loaded project. For example, loading "test.eof" will create a backup of "test.backup.eof" when the time comes to create a backup file.

Fixed bugs which made it impossible to extend an existing solo or star power phrase.

Fixed issue with deleting a beat that sits directly between two anchors. Now the beat is erased and the anchors stay put like they are supposed to.

Added sanity checking to chart loading code to handle charts with corrupted data from earlier versions, specifically regarding solo and star power sections.

trinidude4 added support for built-in MP3->OGG conversion on Mac when LAME and Vorbis tools are installed.

Fixed issue with "Save As" which caused the "File "guitar.ogg" exists. Replace?" dialog to be confirmed if you pressed Enter in the "Save As" file dialog, not giving you a chance to select "No."

Fixed issue with undo not marking the chart as modified if the undo was performed immediately after saving.

Creating a new chart from a file called "guitar.ogg" with the "Use Source Audio's Folder" option no longer triggers an overwrite prompt for "guitar.ogg." "notes.eof," "notes.mid," and "song.ini" will still trigger the prompt if they exist in the folder with "guitar.ogg."

When importing from a MIDI, EOF now imports star power from GH songs as star power instead of solos.

Improved Solo/Star Power marking logic.

Fixed bug in note auto-adjust code which could cause some notes to be merged in songs with more than one track.

Added some safeguards against seeking past the end of the audio when using certain seek commands.

EOF no longer prompts to overwrite "guitar.ogg" when using "Save As" to save a new ".eof" file in the folder of the currently loaded project.

Fixed bug in New Project wizard which made EOF fail to recreate "guitar.ogg" when creating a new project from an existing OGG file.

EOF now falls back to loading "guitar.ogg" profile if it fails to load the last selected profile when loading a new chart.

EOF now resets the OGG profiles when importing a MIDI.

Changed shortcut for "Edit->Selection->Select All" to Ctrl+E.

Added Ctrl+S shortcut for "File->Save."

MIDI export now uses the current OGG profile data when creating the "notes.mid" file.

Added missing history for v1.58 to "history.txt."

Fixed bug in the new project wizard which made it impossible to create a new song from scratch.

Fixed bug in "song.ini" exporter which made "eighthnote_hopo" option not work.

Fixed bugs in OGG profile handling. The last-used profile is now loaded automatically.

Fixed crash bug in MIDI import when too many overdrive paths or solos are marked.

Fixed bugs in "Beat->Delete" function.

Fixed issue with GHWT "crazy" notes becoming unmarked after various note operations.

Added shortcut key ('T') to toggle crazy notes.

Fixed an omission from the version history under 1.56.

EOF no longer creates an initial window before setting up the real window.

Fixed changing window size in the Display dialog not working.

Added initial support for BRE sections. Click the new "BRE" tab to place BRE notes. Typically a Big Rock Ending is defined by a five-note chord which runs then length of the BRE section.

Added new Custom Grid Snap setting. Select "Custom" from the Grid Snap menu and enter the number of snap positions you want per beat. This function is similar to Feedback's Quantization Interval.

Speed, HOPO view, and Grid Snap settings are now stored in the config file.

Widened the Controller dialog.

Added "Use Software Cursor" and "Force 8-Bit Color" options to the display dialog.

Made EOF use the desktop color depth by default.

The New Project wizard now reads the ARTIST and TITLE tags from the OGG file and fills in the information automatically. If the information is not available it is left blank.

Made "Location for New Song" in the New Project wizard default to "Create New Folder" with the folder filled out as "ARTIST - TITLE" automatically.

Fixed a bug with OGG profiles.

Slightly improved Controllers dialog. Should help users who had issues with not being able to set up certain fret buttons.

Added GHWT crazy notes support. Notes set as "crazy" ("Note->Toggle Crazy") will have a black dot in the middle. These notes will not be altered by the note cleanup code allowing you to make them overlap in odd ways. Note: FOF doesn't officially support these kinds of notes. Songs may not play as expected when using "crazy notes."

Added command line option "-softmouse" to force EOF to draw it's own mouse cursor instead of trying to use the system mouse cursor. Use this if you have issues with the mouse flickering or disappearing.

Fixed issues with OGG profiles which caused the chart to become corrupted under certain circumstances.

Fixed "history.txt" under version 1.5 regarding the note lengths being slightly off when using grid snap. This issue was completely resolved and I forgot to update the history to reflect that.

All new internal data structures allow more dynamic handling of memory and increase the speed of many operations.

EOF will now clean up temporary files it creates during use.

Made editing the catalog undoable.

Input buffer now cleared after all alert dialogs.

Fixed BPM in AVDelay song. Now the beat lines are in sync with the notes.

Fixed note length being too short when grid snap is enabled. Notes will now stretch all the way to the next snap position like they are supposed.

Fixed Click+Drag on fretboard area when no notes selected causing EOF to mark the chart as modified.

Made new note graphics for the 3D preview.

Added more information to the "Help->Keys" dialog.

Added support for time signatures. Select a beat marker at the start of a measure and go to "Beat->Time Signature" on the menu to set the time signature. This has no effect on the MIDI output and is only there as an aid to editing.

Fixed issue with notes being deleted during a note auto-adjusted when an anchor was moved.

Invalid menu items are now greyed out when they are not valid to prevent the user from clicking them and to prevent confusion about what some functions are for.

Fixed bookmark placement. Bookmarks are no longer affected by the AV Delay setting.

Added asterisks to indicate which tracks and difficulties contain notes.

Fixed issues with song being marker as modified when no modification occurred.

EOF now imports text events from MIDI files.

EOF now uses the OS mouse cursor when possible.

Added option to load alternate OGG files while working on a project. Useful it you are working on a song with separated audio.

EOF now uses far fewer system() calls.

Added option to resnap selected notes using the current grid snap setting.

Improved "Save" and "Save As" function now saves "guitar.ogg" if it doesn't exist in the save location.

Added "New Song" wizard. Now it is much easier to create a new project.

Made many improvements to the project creation code.

You can now add Star Power and Solo sections to your songs.

Context menus (in RexMundi input mode) now display options relevant to the area being right-clicked.

Made both Shift and Ctrl keys work for shortcuts instead of just the left ones.

Made new "Song Properties" dialog with more advanced features based on vectris' "Song.ini Generator 2.0."

Fixed bug in edit boxes where text would display incorrectly sometimes if it was longer than the edit box.

All new tutorial.

Updated user's manual.

New Linux source package is better organized thanks to suggestions made by Ryan King.

Build instructions are now included in the source package.

Added command line option "-desktop" to make EOF use the same color depth as the desktop. This could improve performance for some users.

Many other fixes and improvements.

Fixed bug in save routine which caused the catalog to become corrupted.

Fixed deleting the only catalog entry and adding another one causing entry "0 of 1" to be selected. This could cause EOF to crash.

Editing bookmarks is now undoable.

Fixed doing "Beat->Add" causing the last beat in the song to be incorrectly positioned at 0 milliseconds.

Fixed note auto-combine feature erasing notes when it shouldn't.

Added shortcuts to "Paste From" menu.

Fixed "Paste From->Catalog" giving some notes incorrect length.

Made transposing notes undoable.

Fixed deleted note not being deselected like it should.

Fixed several issues with the fret catalog.

Fixed keys "leaking" through the menus and causing some shortcuts to be inadvertantly activated.

EOF will now quit checking for MP3 support after it has been found. The program should now open much quicker for those who have libvorbis and lame installed.

EOF now automatically backs up your charts after every 10 changes.

Improved MIDI import. Now songs import perfectly.

Enlarged Events dialogs to make longer event names readable.

Added "Beat->All Events" dialog which lists all events in the song and their timestamps and allows you to seek directly to a specific event.

Undo system now caches undo states to disk to conserve memory.

Clipboard now caches notes to disk to conserve memory.

EOF now only uses memory for MIDI import while that feature is in use. This cuts memory usage significantly.

Made some minor changes to the undo system.

Added "Save As" option to save your project in a new location with whatever filename you want.

Added options to seek to previous/next screen. Can be accessed through the menu or by the shortcuts Ctrl+PGUP and Ctrl+PGDN respectively.

Fixed problem where adding a BPM change with "Adjust Notes" selected would cause notes to be added that shouldn't have been.

Fixed issue where claps wouldn't sound when switching switching difficulties or tracks during playback.

"Adjust notes to new offset?" dialog now accepts the Y and N keys as shortcuts.

Added "Beat->Add Beat" to add a beat after the selected beat marker and readjust the bpm of the previous anchor to make all the beat markers fit evenly.

Added options in the "Beat" menu to push the MIDI offset back/up by one beat.

Fixed issue where events would be attached to the wrong beats after doing an operation which adds or deletes beats.

Updated 3D engine for preview. Now looks much better in higher resolutions and renders a little faster.

Updated "keys.txt" to bring some new shortcuts to light.

Adjusting the MIDI offset from "Song->Properties" no longer asks you if you want to adjust notes if there are none.

Added "Note Auto Adjust" option to "Preferences." When it is checked, EOF will adjust notes when moving anchors and holding Shift while doing so will disable the note adjustment. Otherwise, holding Shift will enable the note adjustment. This applies when adjusting the MIDI offset when moving the first beat marker as well.

Made changing note lengths and toggling anchors undoable.

Added "Song->INI Settings" menu option. This option allows you to define additional INI settings for your song.

Catalog now remembers which track the frets are from so they will display properly when working with multiple tracks.

EOF now remembers the last "frettist" so you don't have to reenter it for every song you make. You can still change it from "Song->Properties" if you need to.

Notes at the same position are now combined automatically.

Bookmarks and catalog entries now properly adjust when the MIDI offset is changed and the notes are moved.

Updated user manual.

Fixed asterisk (*) staying in window title after save operation.

Fixed deleting note with Delete key not undoable.

Added shortcut to access "Edit->Clap Notes" menu.

Fixed Alt+Tab task switching causing Tab key to get "stuck" and cycling the difficulties indefinitely.

Added Y/N shortcut keys to Yes/No dialogs.

Added "Adjust Notes" check box to the BPM Change dialog. Notes will only be adjusted if the check box is selected.

Fixed Page Up/Page Down not working properly after seeking to a bookmark.

Updated the way some information displays in the information panel.

Fixed bug where songs path was overwritten after it was loaded from the config file.

EOF now asks you if you would like to save if you have unsaved changes when trying to exit the program or load another song.

Adjusting the MIDI offset by dragging the first beat marker no longer triggers the "Adjust notes..." dialog when there are no notes on the board.

Fixed MP3 support check for Linux and Mac. If you have vorbis-tools (oggenc) and LAME installed, EOF will show MP3 files in the file selector when you are creating a new song.

Removed debug message from MP3 converter.

EOF now detects availability of oggenc and LAME. If both are not available an error message is displayed and MP3 files won't be shown when creating a new song.

Made Shift+Tab cycle difficulties backwards.

Made Shift+Ctrl+Tab cycle tracks backwards.

Changed Song Properties can now be undone.

Fixed bug which made audio stutter when switching out of EOF while the song is playing and the metronome or clap sounds are enabled.

EOF now displays an asterisk (*) in the title bar when there are unsaved changes.

Window title is now properly updated after undo/redo operations.

Window title now displays the track name when loading a song through a shell operation (e.g. launching from FOF Song Manager).

Fixed issue with first note being selected when deselecting notes.

Fixed issue with "Old Paste" putting notes in the wrong difficulty.

Default zoom level now depends on selected screen mode.

Added slight delay for Click+Drag to prevent accidental dragging of notes and beats.

Fixed clapping issue that triggered a clap when starting playback past the last note in the song.

Fixed issue in various dialogs where the edit box would only be selected when the mouse was over the topmost part.

Deleting the last anchor no longer messes up the BPM at the previous anchor.

Added selective claps. Now you can opt to have the claps occur only on specific note colors.

Fixed issues with overlapping notes being created when placing notes at the very beginning of the song when mouse was positioned before the first beat marker.

Fixed range select not working properly after dragging a note.

Made bookmark color slightly brighter.

Added "Song->Seek->Rewind" option to rewind to the last place you started playback.

Starting/stopping song playback is now much smoother.

Made "Paste From" operations undoable.

Added "Fret Catalog" functionality. Use it to mark off repeating sections of a song, paste the notes at the current position, and check for note variations.

EOF will now ask if you want to adjust the note positions when changing the MIDI offset.

Notes positions and lengths will now automatically be adjusted when adding BPM changes and moving anchors. Hold Shift while dragging an anchor to prevent the adjustment.

Added new "Feedback" input method. Some EOF features may be missing from this mode. Also, not all Feedback features are emulated.

Fixed problems with audio stuttering when switching out of EOF.

Fixed seeking issues.

Added error message when no folder name specified when creating a new song.

Added multiple bookmarks. Press Ctrl+0-9 on the number pad to add a bookmark. Press 0-9 on the number pad to seek to that bookmark.

Added ability to seek to the first and last note of the song. Press Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End respectively.

Automatic MP3-to-OGG conversion now automatically converts the output to 44100hz. This should alleviate all of the speed issues people have been having.

Fixed issue with incorrect claps when switching difficulties during music playback.

Fixed overlapping notes issue when changing the length of notes.

Fixed glitch which caused a note to be displayed in the wrong position while it was being dragged.

Added ability to zoom in and out with the number pad +/- keys.

Added playback speed shortcuts. Use ':' to slow down and '"' to speed up. These shortcuts cannot be used while the song is playing.

Fixed issue with incorrect claps when switching tracks during music playback.

Fixed menu not closing completely when using certain combinations of keyboard and mouse.

Removed Alt+Space and Alt+Control+Space playback shortcuts.

Fixed problems with audio stuttering when switching out of EOF.

Fixed some minor rendering issues.

Warning is now displayed if imported OGG is not 44100hz stereo.

Made negative MIDI offset invalid. If you enter a negative value it will be set to 0.

Enhanced copy/paste function to scale pasted notes to fit the beat markers at the paste position. The old paste functionality is still available under "Edit->Old Paste" if you need it.

Fixed keyboard buffer not being cleared when using shortcut keys to get to some dialog boxes.

New and Load functions now remember the last place a file was selected. Now you don't have to browse back and forth between your EOF song folder and your music library.

Fixed bug in Windows file selector which made it not work under certain conditions.

Fixed bug in Linux which made automatic conversion of MP3 to OGG not work.

Fixed bug that made drum tracks display the notes incorrectly in the editor window when using the RexMundi input method.

Added bookmarks. Press F7 to bookmark your position. Press F8 to seek to the bookmark position.

Paste operation is now undoable.

Fixed menu closing when user clicks it after opening it with one of the menu shortcuts.

Split up user preferences and settings. Preferences are now located in the "File->Preferences" dialog.

Added a "CPU Saver" option. Adjust the slider to change the amount of CPU EOF will use. EOF will still use full CPU when song is playing for now.

Fixed bug which caused selected notes to become deselected in certain circumstances.

Added alternate display modes in case the default fails.

Fixed issue with keyboard buffer not being cleared after a dialog is closed.

Made Enter key only place a new note if input mode is Classic or Hold.

Fixed bug which made grid snap malfunction with small snap settings in certain circumstances.

Added support for text events. Go to "Beat->Events" to edit the events for a particular beat marker. Event text will have to be entered manually for now.

Added support for larger window sizes. Use "File->Display" to change the size of the program window. If you set a window size that's equal to or greater than the current desktop resolution, the program will run in full screen. Note: EOF is not designed to be run in full screen and may exhibit strange and unwanted behavior when in that mode.

Added more info to "Help->Keys."

Drum tracks with name "PART DRUMS" now import correctly when using MIDI import.

Added more playback speed shortcuts. Now press Alt+Space for 75% speed and Alt+Ctrl+Space for 25% speed.

Added more zooming options.

Updated icon graphic.

Fixed bug that made the MIDI offset impossible to move in certain situations.

Fixed issue with music playing as static on PowerPC based Macintosh systems.

Fixed issue with menu going crazy when you activate it.

Fixed crashing bug when pasting notes past the end of the song.

Changed beat rewind/forward shortcut from Alt+Left/Right to Page Up/Page Down.

Made menu keyboard shortcuts activate the menu like they are supposed to.

Changed Alt+Right-Click to Shift+Right-Click to create 0-length notes.

Paste operation now properly selects the newly pasted notes.

Fixed FOF link not saving properly.

Fixed anchor bug when moving an anchor that is next to another anchor.

Added "Beat->Delete" to the "Beat" menu. Use if you have too many beats between anchors and you need to delete some without having to redo your anchors. A new BPM will be calculated for the previous anchor automatically.

Right-clicking a note in Piano Roll edit mode will now select that note as it should.

Added trinidude4's "makefile.macosx" to the source package.

Made Alt+# create 0-length notes in RexMundi input mode.

Added "Edit->Playback Rate" menu option to set the speed of the audio playback. You can play back at 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% of actual speed. Ctrl+Space will still play back at 50% speed regardless of the setting.

Made Insert key work as a right-click for people without a second mouse button.

Reduced memory usage significantly.

Grid snap positions are now calculated more accurately.

Updated "keys.txt" with some new information.

Fixed seek to start messing up the timing of the claps and metronome ticks when used while song is playing.

Added ability to configure where EOF saves your created songs. Go to "File->Song Folder" on the menu to configure.

Added controller configuration for Guitar and Drums for use with "Guitar Strum" and "Guitar Tap" input methods.

Reduced CPU usage in some areas of the program.

Made some slight cosmetic changes to the UI.

Added ability to move first beat marker to change the MIDI offset for the song.

Made menu only activate when clicked to prevent song from cutting off when you
accidentally move the mouse too high.

Added ability to create non-tailed notes by holding Alt+Right-Click.

Anchored beats are now truly anchored. Now your anchors won't disappear unless
you manually delete them.

Added encoder settings when converting from MP3 to OGG.

Code restructured to enable porting to other platforms.

Added Linux-specific system calls for song creation.

Fixed a bug in "gametime.c" which prevented compiling on Linux.

Lowered minimum buffer size for the OGG player to 1024.

Fixed other minor glitches.

Disabled "Link To FOF" feature in Linux version until I can figure out how to
make it work.

Added installation instructions to "readme.txt."

Added "Disable VSync" option to settings.

Rewrote range select algorithm. Should fix all bugs related to range select and copy/paste.

Fixed HOPO notes not being recalculated after a paste operation.

Added ability to seek to previous/next beat. Hold Alt while pressing Left or Right to seek to the previous or next beat respectively.

Added ability to seek to a specific beat by right clicking the top of the beat marker.

Fixed bug where note length couldn't be changed when certain grid snap settings were selected.

Fixed some minor rendering issues where the AV delay setting wasn't being accounted for.

Fixed bug that was causing note range select to malfunction sometimes.

Added scroll bar to editor pane. Now you can quickly navigate through a song.

Added new control types (Guitar Tap and Guitar Strum).

Improved information pane.

Added keys to change length of notes (for people without mouse wheel). Use the '[' and ']' keys to shorten and lengthen notes respectively.

Added ability to make smaller changes to note length by holding Control while changing the length. Does not have an effect in snap modes.

Window title is now properly updated when importing a MIDI.

Added user manual and tutorial to the package and linked to them from the Help menu.

Updated quick keys dialog ("Help->Keys").

Fixed memory leaks when loading and/or creating more than one song in a single EOF session.

Fixed MIDI export note velocity bug.

Fixed note length snap for 1/12, 1/24, and 1/48 notes.

Fixed snap menu not updating when using snap mode shortcut keys.

Fixed information pane not showing correct snap mode.

Fixed bug when linking to FOF when Windows UI features are disabled.

Fixed bug when cancelling New or Load operations which messed up the window title.

Fixed bug with pen note length where the length was not being displayed correctly.

Fixed bug with new notes not always being selected as they should be.

Added claps and metronome shortcut keys ('K' and 'M' respectively) and corresponding info to the information panel.

Fixed metronome/claps bugs for rewind/forward and slow-motion playback.

Fixed metronome/claps bug which caused audio stuttering when moving mouse over the menu.

Added Claps and Metronome sounds!

Added snapping option for 1/12 notes.

Added snap info to the information pane.

Added shortcut keys to change the snap mode ("," to previous mode, "." to next mode).

Changed slow-mo key from Shift to Control.

Fixed overlapping notes bug.

Added workaround for anchor being deleted while moving. Now unnecessary anchors won't be deleted until the mouse is released.

Added an option to disable Windows native UI features for file selections and use the built-in selectors from the previous versions. Go to "File->Settings"
and select "Disable Windows UI."

Added HOPO views. Go to "Edit->HOPO" and select your view. Default is RF.

Added new grid snapping options for 24th and 48th notes.

Added an option to delete anchors. Go to "Beat->Delete Anchor" and the anchor will be deleted and the beat lines readjusted to match the remaining anchors.

Fixed glitch in piano roll editor making placed notes appear slightly moved when you hover over them.

Improved MIDI import algorithm, BPM changes should be more accurate.

Added undo support. You can undo up to 8 times. Just select "Edit->Undo" or press Ctrl+Z.

Fixed note range select bug where notes in all difficulties would be selected instead of just the ones in the current difficulty.

Now uses Windows file select and folder select dialogs when in windowed mode.

Updated UI to look more modern.

Made menu to always show. Now you don't have to press tilde of alt to bring it up.

Added full screen support. Press Alt+Enter to switch. EOF will remember the last selected mode and will launch in that mode. Implementation is incomplete
at the moment, program will minimize when certain tasks are performed and you will have to manually switch back.

Changed default edit mode to Piano Roll as I believe it is the most user friendly of all the modes.

Added initial support for importing MP3s. If you import an MP3 it will automatically be converted to OGG (no settings yet).

Added option to set a beat anchor by time (Beat->Anchor Beat).

Added "Anchor All Beats" setting. If selected, all beats will be moveable. If disabled, only beats at BPM changes will be moveable.

Added safeguard against moving a beat marker past previous/next beat marker.

Fixed piano roll inserting additional colors in a note when using inverted notes.

Added anchored beat support. Now you can move beats with the mouse and a new BPM will be calculated for the previous BPM change and, if there is another BPM change later in the song, the current BPM. The new BPMs are calculated as you move the anchored beat.

Fixed bug that made the note length not be set for the new notes as advertised in the previous release. EOF was still setting the length to 100 despite what
length was shown on the "pen."

New input method: RexMundi Hover the mouse where you want a note and press 1-5 to place a new note. Alternately, if you are hovering over an existing note, 1-5 will toggle the colors in that note.

Added right-click menu (only available in RexMundi input mode for now).

Made default note lengths to be dependant on which grid snap mode you are using. If snap is off it is still 100, but if snap is on the note will be the length of the snap (e.g. 1/8 snap makes the default length a 1/8 note).

Added Speed and Zoom to the Edit menu. Speed is the speed of the 3D preview scrolling. Zoom is the zoom level of the edit panel.

Empty notes are erased properly in piano roll mode.

Fixed bug in Piano Roll mode where notes would disappear when they should be highlighted during music playback.

Added new edit modes. Now you can choose from Classic, Hold (hold 1-5 and right-click to place notes), and Piano Roll. Go to "File->Settings" and choose your preferred method.

Added command line support for MIDI import.

MIDI import now load song information from the "song.ini" file.

Fixed grid snap moving notes when trying to deselect.

Fixed MIDI import. Now supports VPBM MIDIs.

Fixed bug in MIDI import where meta events could overwrite the MIDI running status and cause some tracks to not import properly. Now loading of GH2 and 80s tracks works.

Initial support for MIDI import. Only works for non-VBPM songs at the moment. Also, does not import settings from the song.ini file yet. You should not load
and save to the MIDI directly. If you are going to open a MIDI and work on it during several sessions, you should load the EOF file for subsequent edits to
ensure the note positions stay as accurate as possible.

Pressing Enter to place notes now allows longer notes by holding the Enter key when the song is playing. If the song is paused, the default note length will still be applied.

Playback controls and time displayed in upper right corner.

The window title now shows the current part in addition to the song title.

Snap to grid options. Set to off by default, select 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 to snap to that size note (1/4 is a whole beat). Affects new note placement as well as note moving.

Now you can press Enter to place a note at the current position. Works while song is paused and while it is playing. Grid snap does not affect this feature.

Fixed "Test In FOF" feature selecting wrong part and going out of range sometimes.

Fixed saving problem with tempo track. Songs using default BPM will now save

Disabled some debugging stuff I had left enabled by accident.

Support for PART DRUM added.

Added command line launch support.

VBPM support! Select the beat you want to edit the BPM of and go to "Beat->BPM Change" menu to set. Alternately, select the beat and some notes that occur on the beat and use "Beat->Calculate BPM" to do it automatically.

Beat lines now appear in the Editor and 3D Preview panes.

MIDI offset now taken into account when exporting MIDI and when drawing the beat lines.

Position line in 3D Preview now drawn at the correct location for all AV delay settings.

Notes Z position in 3D Preview slightly changed to be more accurate.

Supports BPM other than the default 120. Go to "Song->Properties" to set.

Added BPM calculator. Just select some consecutive notes that occur on the beat and go to the "Beat->Calculate BPM" menu item.

Added support for additional song information. Now saves BPM, Frets By, and MIDI offset, the latter two also written to the INI file.

Now updates INI file properly upon save.

Lefty mode for 3D preview.

Smooth playback mode (experimental). If playback isn't smooth for you, try this option.

Added additional settings to the Settings screen (F10 or File->Settings) to set Inverted Notes, Lefty Mode, and Smooth Playback mode.

3D preview borders drawn correctly.

UI overhaul now uses more visually pleasing fonts, tabbed interface for difficulty selection, and a new 3D preview window!

Transpose selected notes up or down by pressing Up or Down respectively.

More options available in the menus. Shortcuts properly implemented for most menu items.

Seek to start or end by pressing Home or End respectively.

Press Tab to switch between difficulties.

Press Ctrl+Tab to switch between parts.

Notes with no tails will now light up properly during song playback.

Properly deletes temporary files created by the MIDI exporter.

Window title now updated properly when Song properties updated.

Can't draw notes past end of song now.

Added editing of "PART BASS", "PART COOP GUITAR", and "PART RHYTHM" parts.

Internal fixes to MIDI exporter to support additional parts.

Multinote Select by holding Ctrl and clicking.

Note Range Select by holding Shift and clicking. All notes from last clicked to current note will be selected.

Paste From (Edit Menu) allows you to easily copy notes between difficulties so you don't have to start from scratch for each difficulty.

Select Like (Edit Menu) allows you to select notes that are like the current selected note. Useful for the next feature.

Press Ctrl+(1-2-3-4-5) to toggle parts of the selected notes. E.g. If you have selected all notes that are Red+Blue+Purple, you can press Ctrl+5 to toggle the purple note on all selected notes (useful with Paste From and Select Like).

Press Ctrl+I to toggle inverted notes. Choose the view that you prefer (preference is saved to eof.cfg).

Fixed songs with multiple difficulties not saving correctly.

Fixed bug with 0-length notes being saved incorrectly.

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